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Comment Outsourcing...personal experience (Score 1) 275

For the second time, I'm being outsourced from a major US IT company (founded by Ross Perot). From my perspective..........the only winners are the upper management of the company and maybe, if profitable, the shareholders. The losers are the employees who lose their jobs and their local economy. My company is outsourcing over 200 jobs from 1 location. After checking the local job postings for IT related's not very good. Most jobs are about an hour to hour and half drive away....(gas money becomes an issue now). If forced to take a lower paying job locally, then I can't spend as much in my local the local economy suffers, and in the mean-time, US based companies who outsource, keep funding the economic growth of other countries. Their employees make good money and in return boosts their local economy. So in the long does the USA benifit? How do I benifit?

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