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Comment Re:Idiotic Argument (Score 1) 394

Ultimately it needs to be converted to analog so that it can instantiate some sort of speaker element. This can then easily be recorded with the right impedance match. This was impractical for video due to the complexity of the signal, but two simple analog signals are very easy to record and reproduce. Of course going from the analog to digital to digital compression (I will assume encryption/decryption is lossless), transmit over lossy Bluetooth and back to analog degrades the music to the point of "why bother". I listen to streaming services to shop around for songs or to play music I am really not listening to(background). Anything over Bluetooth, frankly, sounds bad for certain kinds of music.

Comment Re:Two catches (Score 2) 68

5 phones == $300/mo. with 5.5 GB/phone With Straighttalk (which runs on the ATT network in our area) I pay $41.25/mo == $207/mo with 5Gb/phone and they are all on independent contracts. Also, if you can time it right, you can get it even lower during their specials (I am paying ~$36/mo at the moment). I don't see this new deal as anything but closing a gap partially with the competition but still lagging.

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479

The key thing to remember is in science we build a model based on the evidence. The model does NOT become the actual thing it is modeling, but hopefully as time goes on it does converge. There have been many cases in history when the model was nice, but ultimately wrong in all conditions. Quantum mechanics is an excellent example of showing that newtonian mechanics model was incomplete and was in fact quite earth-shaking when it became accepted. Neither, however, are still 100% accurate, but they make pretty good models.

The big error is when we think the model is the same as the thing it models. Once this is the case, all meaningful discussions are shutdown. The earth is flat model was quite good and considered fact for many years until new evidence broke that model.

Comment Re:Allow me to respond from the perspective of an (Score 1) 614

If the wages are so high. Why is a pay reduction across the board never mentioned instead of total dislocation by laying off long-time employees. At the worst, these "high priced" people will leave which will allow the company to higher less experienced "lower priced" people -- problem being solved.

Comment Legal streaming or illegal streaming. (Score 1) 118

Music can be obtained from torrents, purchasing online or it can be obtained from legal streaming services. These are all valid if not legal sources of music. If one or more becomes too expensive or unavailable, the others will fill in the gap. This was quite visible when the music industry refused to embrace mp3 music distribution. The illegal sources flourished during this time. Once Apple, Amazon and other started selling mp3's without DRM, these illegal sources became less attractive. Note that all channels still exist but the usage will change as the pricing (risk vs. $'s) shifts between them.

Causing the streaming services to go offline will only cause customers to go to the other channels and I do not believe there will be an appreciable increase to the mp3 sales channel.

Comment Re:Offline side-by-side Python (Score 1) 432

We have about 10 years worth of tools in our development environment and we have 2.5, 2.6 and multiple 2.7 installations of Python. This is one of those deals that the old tools aren't broken and we have more important things to do than upgrade/test on the new Python. Not a very satisfying situation but we want to prioritize our 60-70 hour work week appropriately.

Comment Re:Hey Guys (Score 2) 547

Actually, even today, there are buggy whip manufacturers. The key is to recognize that you have a shrinking market size and that only the best and unique suppliers are going to survive. So, your friend, assuming he wants to stay in this shrinking market and intensifying competition will need to think of how he can outperform downloads. Are there services that are not provided by downloads. How about teaming up with the local pizza joint and delivering a pizza and a movie. Personalize the service and know the customer.

Look at, for example, stores that still sell LP records. How are they staying in business? What do they have that the other, now dead, players didn't have?

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