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Journal Journal: Revisiting Pitchfork

A friend and I are reviewing the top 50 albums from 2004 and 2005 as chosen by Pitchfork Media in an attempt to not only expand our music consciousness, but figure out if Pitchfork is the indie music messenger of the gods or a overrated poorly written music review site. We call ourselves "Useful Noise." We do 4 albums at a time, and you can check it out on Live Journal, Myspace, or a static version on my home page.

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Journal Journal: My fonts are back

Finally Slashdot changes the font to plain sans-serif. Now it looks much better. Thanks!
This invalidates my previous entry.

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Journal Journal: This looks terrible

Thanks Slashdot, for getting rid of my beautiful anti-aliased fonts. Now I am truly reading Slashdot from 1994 on my Cello web browser. You'll be getting my eye doctor bill, Taco.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot reports fake news story, doesn't^H^H^H correct it 2

Edit: Slashdot issued a slashback. I was too late in submitting mine, but I still like mine better.

Regarding this article: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/05/17/0020225

This news story is pretty clearly either a hoax or a result of massive stupidity. Sony was showing off Blu-ray and had two laptops A-Bing the new technology. But an intrepid BLOGGER went up to the Blu-ray laptop and hit "Eject" - and out came a plain old DVD+R!!! Holy shenanigans, Batman! How incriminating!

Except he was looking at the WRONG LAPTOP. Not only does an outside source identify the laptop Gearbox pointed out as the "plain DVD" (http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=2939) but THEY THEMSELVES HAVE A PICTURE OF THE DVD+R - and don't say a word about "faking" a demo.

So it's pretty clearly a wrong story. But SM posts:
"Independent confirmation or negation has yet to surface, so take with the requisite grain of salt required when reading any news."

People make fun, but the editorial staff is pretty good; they just make mistakes that end up on the front page. CmdrTaco is actually a pretty bright guy. I've met him (briefly) and he says smart things on Slashdot a lot. But repeating misinformation like this is actually damaging, and really really dumb.

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