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Journal Journal: lol @ spun, lying again 1

"Just to be clear: whoever IS at that number in Arkansas is now under investigation for interstate wire fraud. It's out of my hands at this point."

No, spun, you pathetic twat, no one is "under investigation", you sound like such an incredbile loser even attempting to pretend that's true.

LOL @ U getting caught lying again.

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Journal Journal: so spun finally outs HIMSELF as a liar

First, he's not even TRYING to pretend his previous lie is true anymore, he's trying to lie about "disconnected numbers" which I ALSO proved was a lie, and "don't forward numbers"

SO, first he lied and claimed it was disconnected WHEN HE CALLED IT, then he lied and said HE WASN'T GOING TO CALL IT.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA so red handed you pathetic lying douche.

God damn you can't STOP LYING can you, spun?

You're so far gone you can't even remember what you lied about anymore.

User Journal

Journal Journal: So, spun is gone, but he'll be back tomorrow because he's mentally ill 1

Today I proved spun a liar.

In every case where this has occurred previously (many), his mental illness has compelled him to personally attack the person who proved him wrong.

I fully expect his mental illness to compel him again, and tomorrow, all the proof that he's a liar will be ignored, and he will attack me personally again, hoping to get the last word because he can't stand it when he doesn't.

Yes, he really is that much of a loser, and the proof will arrive tomorrow

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Journal Journal: So I'm interested to see what happens 3

I just fired off an email to the IT director of New Mexico Child, youth and Family Development Department, primarily because someone who claims to work there as the "senior systems administrator", but isn't, has been trollin gslashdotforyears on company time.

As a taxpayer, that is patently unacceptable, not to mention the exceedingly poor light said liar has cast on the department by naming them as his employer then proceeding to act like a blathering idiot.

I genuinely hope you DO work there spun,despite already proving you lied when you said you were senior systems admin, because I'd LOVE for your lying moron ass to get fired for trolling slashdot.

And yes, I intend to follow this up daily. Cry to someone who cares bitch, you don't get to steal from me by wasting your fucking time that I'm paying for dicking around in the net.

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Journal Journal: lol @ spun the liar, WHO DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE A PHONE

So, spun the liar is so fucking stupid, he doesn't even know how to use a phone

He lied and said that when you all the number where he would be if he weren't lying you get "You have reached a number that is disconnected or no longer in service"

Yes, it appears HE HAS NO IDEA HOW TO USE A PHONE" lol @ spun.

But NO, actually, it isn't. It redirects (automatically for me, get a better phone company loser) to the 479 area code, which gets right through to you, except it's not you, it's the guy who ACTUALLY DOES THE JOB YOU'RE LYING ABOUT HAVING.


How fucking stupid are you?

Then he says "You could have at least picked my bosses number or something. Or shit, a working number at least."

And he could have actually tried it, or attempted to refute the proof instead of lying more and avoiding the fact that I proved he was lying.

User Journal

Journal Journal: So, Captain Splendid is a sockpuppet for spun 9

There's really no other way to explain the nut-hugging stupidity displayed by Captain Stupid when it was demonstrated that spun is a liar. The level of anger displayed by Captain Stupid really only makes sense if he's spun's puppet, which makes perfect sense as spun is always making that accusation of others.

Spun/Captain Splendid is a proven liar,and sockpuppet loving troll., and I've proven it irrefutably.

User Journal

Journal Journal: So, spun is aliar, it's been proven 9

Spun claimed he was the New Mexico Child, youth and Family Development Department Senior systems administrator, but I called and spoke the the REAL New Mexico Child, youth and Family Development Department Senior systems administrator, and it's not this lying loser.

505-841-6695, try it for yourself, so you too can see this guy will lie to make himself look better.

I have to wonder how pathetic and worthless your life is that you will openly lie about something so easily checked on. It speaks to a level of stupidity and lack of sophistication that is right in line with the tone and quality of spun's posts.

User Journal

Journal Journal: FlyingBishop is, apparently, proud of being stupid

Apparently, when you're stupid, you say shit like

"Yes! Amazon operates in the clouds! Why don't people understand this?"

Of course, then you get shut the fuck up like this

"Well, they don't operate LOCALLY, as OP was saying, and where they DO operate locally, they actually do collect taxes.

So, apart from being a sarcastic ponce who was totally wrong, what was your point?

Or did you not know that you were making a silly, meaningless point when you called me a "DUMBASS" thereby proving yourself one in the process?"

Kill yourself FlyingBishop, no one will miss you.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Doc Ruby is a fucking imbecile

Not only did he pathetically challenge me to a fistfight in real life after I repeatedly proved he was wrong and a moron, HE NEVER SHOWED UP FOR IT.

I sincerely hope he dies of the most painful cancer possible, after watching his family do the same.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I HATE people like this 1

I took my dog for a walk this morning and had some asshat come screaming out of his house, as my dog crapped on the little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road.

He apparently intended to try to FIGHT me because I didn't pick up the crap.

Just so you know people, I never will. Don't bother threatening, don't call the homeowner's association. Just shut up, wait two days, and it will dry out and disappear.

And then get a life.

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