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Journal Journal: a little chicken sauce...

this was written whilst extremely drunk. spelling errors, typos, and grammar bads have all been left. i'm 21, not 12. and i know 12st isn't a real contraction...

it comes to me at this 12st year of my life that some things are important, while others are not. it seems to me that it is important to not only catalog not only what i think of myself, but also what it seems others reaction to me is. and it also seems that i should try and catalog what my knowledge of what is real thusfar appears to be.

i know almost nothing about mechanics. ditto for engineering. i know some physics, the very basics. i have an absurdly rough picture of the universe at a sub-atmoic level. this absurdity is compounded because i feel i know more than the average human about this, although it's far less than say, a fresh college graduate with a physics degree. i know the basis upon which romantic languages run. i understand fairly well western thought. as far as math is concerned, i know numbers are as expressive as words, perhaps even more so, in that they are a language comprised of absolute values, but i only know enough arithmetic to get by. this i know by rote now. i am fluent, sometimes superfluent, in english. yay.

i know poetry is what it is, and that the ineffable is not the unknowable. i know that 60 bpm is an average tempo, and that 120 is getting to my tolerable limits of fast. the strongest chord progression is I-IV-V and c major is the only key with no accidentals. what goes up must come down, a body at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force, ditto for motion, but unfortunately in this universe there are nothing but outside forces. energy is mass traveling at the speed of light squared, but since nothing can travel at faster than the speed of light this can never happen, unless of course, it is travelling at the speed of light in two different directions. which is something i don't think i can wrap my mind around.

i comes before e in every instance of the english language, except occaisonaly when following c, or when producing the long a sound. see SCIENCE, DECEIVE, NEIGHBOUR and WEIGH for details. pronunciation is the key to other languages. trying to figure out the intricacies of the written word as an english speaking four year old is the key to this one. sorry.

i know about politics, but think it is the stupidest load of bullshit that man has ever cursed himself with outside of religion. so there.

i know an amazing amount of catholic theology and dogma, a fair amount of judaic theology and dogma, a fair amount of greek mythology, a fair amount of norse mythology, a fair amount of comparative mythology, almost nothing about muslim theology, a decent amount of buddhist philosophy, and only a smattering of hindu theology. any other religion not specifically mentioned can be assumed that i only know the very very basics of.

i know more about our world than jrr tolkien's world, but it's close. i suppose because our world always provides new information, whereas jrr tolkien's world is a closed system. i would say i have a fairly accurate picture of our world since ww1, a decent view of the world from say the renaissance through ww1, an idea of what happened from the rise of greece through the renaissance, and only a conception of what happened before the rise of greece. this only accounts for about 3,000 years of human existance. when taken into this view, the theory that humanity evolved once before and has already blown itself to hell before isn't so tin foil hattish. i can only account for 3,000 years of civilization, and fossil records (dated using NUCLEAR technology) could be mistaken. i'm just sayin'...

i know two wrongs don't make a right, but also that the batter doesn't strike out on a foul if the count is x-2. in euclidian geometry paralell lines do not draw together as they reach infinity, perpindicular lines meet at right angles to each other, a square is two sets of equal paralell lines that are perpendicular to each other, a triangle is a closed three sided object wherein all angles total 180 degrees. it may be that in order for a three sided figure to be closed the angles will necessarily total 180 degrees. i'm not sure. a right triangle is a triangle in which two sides meet at a right angle. you can find the value for the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle if you know the values for the length of the other two sides, and the value for the sweep of the angle. one is 90, that's given, i think you need one, but not both of the other. you might need both.

pi is a constant. it equals how many times the radius of a given circle will fit into the circumferance of said circle. it shows the relationship between the distance across the circle and the distance around it. it is equal to 3.14159. it is also NOT equal to 3.14159 in that there are more numbers in pi continuing on after that decimal point than we've ever found out. as far as we know, there is no end to pi(e).

but that's alright, because what we know works for us. it's accurate enough without being completely accurate to be an altogether fitting constant for humanity. yes, i'm being somewhat metaphorical here.

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