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Comment Re:Keep up or shut up (Score 1) 785

You're taking my comments out of context.

I said "if all options are on the table." By this I meaning that you can have your pick of languages. You keep referencing speed and throwing in scalability - if you need those things you don't have many options for languages.

I'm not sure what you most programming tasks are like in your world, but in my world, 95% of them do not require any blazing speed or true scalability.

Comment Re:Keep up or shut up (Score 1) 785

Things change fast sure, but by that token, not all of the changes are permanent or important. I'm not averse to learning new stuff if it's proven, but I don't go running after new stuff simply because it's there. Old programming languages still work fine for new tech if they have appropriate libraries, etc.

Nothing against that comment, but it should not be marked as insightful.

Old programming languages are used at the peril of the company left to support them. Speaking generally, old languages are more difficult to integrate with, harder to support, and more expensive to support than contemporary languages.

If all options are on the table, it'd be tough to make a case to go with COBOL, PASCAL, or PERL (or even C++) when Ruby, Python or C# are available. imho.

Comment Re:Correlation (Score 4, Interesting) 498

There was a major series of incidents at RAF Bentwaters installation (a base in the UK, ran by the US). Numerous people, including the base commander are on record saying that they've seen. Recorded audio of the objects being observed by the tower. Radar pings of the object. Photos of the landed object. Sketches done immediately after the landing.

I believe their are 13 people from the base who have gone on record speaking about the incidents that happened over a number of days.

To assume that all military personnel on the base, including the base commander are someone mistaken or crazy seems irrational.

Comment Microsoft has an exclusive deal (Score 1) 213

Back in August when this was news:

The exclusivity was tied to an online delivery service integrated into the console. Netflix gets around this with Wii and PS3 by essentially selling a "Netflix Game" that streams the video from the service.

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Submission + - Exposing Lies and Verifiable Truths of Conspiracy (

TimeNOW writes: "There is a closing window of opportunity to prevent world-wide tyranny. There is evidence that most of the world's problems are generated by design to then present the 'solution', yet when the government presents a solution, it is worse than the problem. I have put together all the videos and liks that present the facts that if known by the majority, would make manipulation an impossibility. Money is created out of thin air, and then Martial law is the 'solution' to an inevitable civil unrest unless the people can grow their own food and start to understand the true, verifiable evidence that is not conspiracy theory. — It is a conspiracy reality."

Submission + - Scientists Apply for Patent on Synthetic Life (

iamghetto writes: "From the Wired Science Blog: Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute have applied for a U.S. patent on a minimal bacterial genome that they built themselves. According to the patent application, it's "a minimal set of protein-coding genes which provides the information required for replication of a free-living organism in a rich bacterial culture medium." The ETC group sent out a press release this morning which I have to say comes off as terribly alarmist using terms like "Microbesoft," evoking Dolly the cloned sheep and naming the organism Synthia."

Microsoft to Get Tough on License Dodgers 564

An anonymous reader writes "PC Advisor reports that Microsoft is going to start getting tough with certain small business customers. They are going to examine their small customer license database — any discrepancies and it will call you for an audit. If you refuse it will send in the BSA and the legal heavies. "

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