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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 240

The "story" you're referring to was leaked by Tesla itself. It was nothing more than marketing propaganda. The machine did not break. It just reached the end of its testing limit and the car didn't break. Tesla also made other very misleading claims are that time. They claimed that their car scored a 5.4 on a scale that goes to 5. They were smacked down by the NHTSA and had to retract the claim.

Comment Re:Energy density per kg (Score 1) 242

>Get the electric airplane engine working. Let someone else worry about storing the electricity to power it. They've had electric motors for more than a century. The motors were never the technical hurdle. That's like saying "Pack your things for a camping trip on Pluto. We'll let someone else worry about how to get there"

Comment Re:May spur automation (Score 1) 940

Except this simply did not happen. Ford offered a safety package in the 1950s but consumers weren't too interested in it. By the 1960s the NHTSA implemented laws that all cars sold in the US had to follow. The Japanese carmakers really entered the scene much later, in the mid/late 1970s. They gained popularity not because of their superior safety features but rather their lower price. This was made possible by the exchange rate of the Japanese Yen to the US dollar and currencies in Western Europe.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 140

It was launched on top of a rocket that brought it up to Mach 20. That isn't anything new or exciting. They lost contact with this aircraft and it's presumed to have crashed. When you're thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean and your vehicle breaks, a "splashdown" is not difficult at all. In fact it's about the only thing you're going to do! Also, I'm not sure why people are getting excited about this hypersonic glider that has a 100% failure rate. The Space Shuttle was a hypersonic glider that successfully landed over 130 times.

Comment Re:Inquiring minds want to know... (Score 1) 166

That's actually a bit misleading. Sure, Microsoft has been selling operating systems and office productivity products for more than 25 years. But Windows 7 and Office 2010 haven't been out for that long, so you can't imply that Microsoft isn't introducing new products. They have a couple of really popular brands and they're going to continue leveraging those names as long as they can.

Comment Re:What are you doing to get on the IPv6 train? (Score 1) 282

The truth is instead of spending energy trying to hold afloat a sinking ship, it may be time to start putting the gang-plank out to that shiny new boat that can take us the rest of the way.

But what if we used 1/2 the money to turn that old boat into a submarine? Then instead of "sinking", it would be utilizing a new feature.

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