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I haven't ever read Ars Technia (except for following links from slashdot), but I did try to whitelist ads for this site. Unfortunately, I would have to allow javascript from whatever ad servers slashdot uses. Disabling adblock on this site and allowing javascript from this domain isn't enough to view ads, so I don't see them. It would be nice if I could support slashdot by viewing ads without trusting javascript from an ad server.


Swiss Experimenter Breeds Swarm Intelligence 144

destinyland writes "Researchers simulated evolution with multiple generations of food-seeking robots in a new study of artificial swarm intelligence. 'Under some conditions, sophisticated communication evolved,' says one researcher. And in a more recent study, the swarms of bots didn't just evolve cooperative strategies — they also evolved the ability to deceive. ('Forget zombies,' joked one commenter. 'This is the real threat.') 'The study of artificial swarm intelligence provides insight into the nature of intelligence in general, and offers an interesting perspective on the nature of Darwinian selection, competition, and cooperation.' And there's also some cool video of the bots in action."

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