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Comment CS = Computer Science? (Score 1) 317

Do they tell us a lot about the sciences of Math, Physics, Law, Economy, Languages, Biology etc. at school?
I'd say not - we get some ideas from basic bootcamp, some common applications and more is served if you opt for higher education.
I guess the same goes for "CS" - for me, I'd be glad if I could assume everyone that I work with to have a _basic_ common understanding of this computer stuff, I don't need scientists :-)

Comment If text is enough... (Score 1) 227

... then just use a simple text file. Come up with your own scheme for title, date and time and it will work.
Either as single file with search, or with multiple files and grep(1).

The only really working alternative that I've found are:
  * a paper notebook. easily available when you have only one hand free because you're on the phone, and don't want to unlock an electronic device
  * sending yourself notes via email, and use your favourite email client for management.

If I'd want to live in a Microsoft world, I'd probably use OneNote.
YMMV, I'm curious about other options mentioned here.

  - Hubert

Comment Totemo (Score 1) 155

www.totemo.ch - somewhat pricy, but very nice handling:

based upon a ruleset, it can send mails encrypted with PGP or S/MIME (if keys are known), as encrypted PDF (sender gets password for manual transmission) or store the message on a webserver and just give login/password to the recipient.
if no prior key exchange happened, the PDF-solution creates a PGP-key and a S/MIME cert and sends both public keys with the PDF, so the recipient can choose whatever they want.
when receiving mails with attached PGP/SMIME public keys/certs, totemo takes the certs and stores them for future communication in the opposite direction.

I've seen other solutions, but Totemo seems pretty mature and works very well for me with several companies.

  - Hubert

Comment HMI in automotive is not new (Score 5, Informative) 215

I don't know for Ford, but German automotive manufacturers have dealt with human/machine interfacing for a very long time,
and in the process have not focussed on software/screen only, but also added many more interfacing methods like buttons, dials, cameras facing into the car and outside.
Names that come to mind are car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz) and their suppliers (Continental, Hella, Vector Informatik).

The whole topic has been covered not by computer science or engineers, but very much by information science.
So maybe you want to have a look there if you are into this topic.
Keywords: driver assistance, hmi, navigation systems

  - Hubert

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