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Journal Journal: Inspiração

HR says:
vamos é ser felizes, isso de certeza!
HR says:
gente como nos so pode ser feliz!

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Journal Journal: A Score 4!!!

I got a Score 4 post! Just karma whoring, a link to an old post on usenet... Go Googling!

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Journal Journal: Bad boring day...

Just making this entry to say this was a boring bad day. Thats's it, it's said. Bye.

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Journal Journal: First day...

Woopy do, first school day... Saw La Femme Fatale, a good film...
Feel down... Alone I think, at least why else would I be writing on this journal?...

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Journal Journal: Ep. 2

Finally saw Episode 2, and if I may say it, it's a great film! Go Yoda!!

In less than one hour Portugal is going to play Korea in the World Cup, good luck Tugas!!
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Journal Journal: Santo António

Don't we all love it when people just critisize your work and do absolutely nothing to help?...

Broke the arm in two, for easyer studying of the gigantic Newton-Euler dynamics equations.
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Journal Journal: Start of work...

Portugal 4 - 0 Polónia !!! Viva Portugal!!
Today I started on the kinematics of one of the ideas for the arm.

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