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Journal Journal: KPN homepages back after week of atm/dsl failures

Shortly after reporting the problem with Dutch isp kpnplanet (voip+ label from KPN) homepages showing up as 404s on its "Het Net" service, KPN fouled up with its wholesale DSL services.
For days alternate kpn brands and resellers lost their customers' DSL connections.

When after a few days services were restored (with recommendations to power cycle the DSL modem) the kpnplanet home pages started showing up again.

Problem solved?

The Internet

Journal Journal: Dutch ISP KPN hiding customer's homepages

Friends of ours have found that their homepages at "kpnplanet", one of the ISP labels used by KPN, have become invisible for an as yet unknown part of the internet. As an experiment try the following search in Google:


Now check any of the links on the first results page.
(Note from the construction of the urls how this is a spammer goldmine)

I was not able to see *any* of these. They all get diverted to the 404 page of "hetnet", another of KPN's isp labels. This appears to have started around mid to late april 2008.

However, some people *do* get to see kpnplanet home pages, so it appears that KPN is routing web requests differently for different customers and internal (helpdesk?) users.

Customers who complain about their invisible home pages get told to refresh their cache, restart their browser, and various other advise relating to their own setup.

"kpnplanet.nl" is an odd one, as it appears to be distinct from the older "planet.nl", and used for KPN's VoIP customers. As VoIP requires some kind of Internet access, they get a bundle with some basic services, including mail and homepages. A possible scenario is that these customers were recently migrated to KPN's shared infrastructure, while at the same time getting their webpages disabled.

If they made such a mistake, and actually lost the original settings, there'd be nothing they could do but tell people to login and change their personal settings. The worst they could do would be to collectively enable all homepages, for obvious reasons...

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