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Comment - sales trick - More inches with less pixels (Score 1) 1140

Where did this obsession with Widescreen come from anyways? I understand for "widescreen films", but why are all monitors wide now? It's weird that it kind of slowly crept into the norm..

The screen diagonal has always been the primary qualifier for a screen, especially for laptops.

That's a linear increase.

Production cost of a screen increases with the screen area.

A 4:3 aspect ratio implies an almost quadratic cost increase.

The more a screen's aspect ratio deviates from the square,
the more the cost increase lowers to a linear increase.

Beware of the 40" 4000x100 pixel screens in 2017!

Wireless Networking

Submission + - TV station transmits over kitchen wok

nut writes: A new local tv station at the bottom end of New Zealand, 45 South chose a $10 wok over a $20 000 commercial transmission dish. They claim better performance than their previous commercial aerials, as the solid metal of the wok prevents interference from behind the dish that plagued earlier wire mesh aerials.

The technology was originally developed by computer programmer Ken Jones to get broadband access at his rural property. Instruction on build your own Wok wireless acess point can be found here.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Tips and tricks to get listed in directories

Everyone should know how important it is to get listed in directories, however, just because you submit your website does not mean that your website will be accepted. In fact, many websites are turned down on a daily basis for one reason or another.

The very first thing you need to learn when it comes to tips and tricks to get listed in directories is how to submit your website properly. Your website should be ready before you even consider submitting it to directories.

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