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Portables (Apple)

Journal Journal: iPods

Well, they just lowered the price of the iPod shuffle 512gb to $69. I am filled with the irrational desire to own a second one. I love my shuffle, as it is tiny. The only thing better would be a phone with the shuffles music capabilities.

I know there are phones out there that can do that, but it feels rough to me. Hell, I can't get my own ringer file to upload to my phone no matter what I try, as it stands now. I sure don't want that kind of hassle with my music.

I think the only thing I dislike about the shuffle, and all iPods, is the ear buds. I have tiny girl ears, and after an hour or so my ears hurt. I keep meaning to buy another set, but with my decreased income due to school, and my inherent laziness that hasn't happened yet. I keep toying with modding an old set of headphones, like you used to use for a 1970's stereo, to slip my shuffle into, but I am not sure I would like not having access to it. (I saw a website where a guy did the mod like that. )
GameCube (Games)

Journal Journal: Zelda and Aging

I am still playing Zelda Windwaker at what I suspect is a slower rate than the average middle schooler. Perhaps I don't suspect this, but know it. Between work, and classes I don't have the time to sit for three days straight and finish it off.

I really like the game, but the way the camera angles don't follow the direction you look in has come to irritate me on more than one occasion. I find I am looking at the characters face during boss fights, and having to repeatedly hit the L button to reorientate. I am old and carmudgeony, and would like the camera to fix on the thing I am trying to gack.

Since my work over winter break at the assisted living facility, I have been wondering about what happens when my age group ends up at that point. In the large facility, made up of individual apartments, only one or two residents had computers. These were set up by younger family for communication purposes.

I envision, when my 30-something age group get's there, that we will be surrounded by gaming boxes, computers, cell phones, or the equivalent. I imagine my 80 year old self sitting down in the dining room trading tips on the latest Zelda's Geriatric Adventures with three old men who prefer Grand Theft Motorized Wheelchair.

I also wonder if the stimulus from game playing with help or hinder the development of dementia. I am a nurse who spends a lot of her working hours in a dementia unit attached to the assisted living facility. I imagine if I end up with alzheimer's that my larping experiences will come to the fore. Hand me a cane, I will yell "5 edge! Take that you orc!" Perhpas my memories of playing a swordswoman for the game will make me a hilariously difficult patient.

Of course, this is providing we don't get holographic rooms, or direct connections to jack into our games.
GameCube (Games)

Journal Journal: Zelda: Windwaker

I know that Windwaker is an older game. I think now that I am in my 30s, I am not as hot to get the newest game on the market quite so fast. My limited finances definately have something to do with that as well.

Anyways, I am growing fond of Windwaker because of the child like imagery. The look of the game reminds me a bit of Okage, The Shadowking. I like how candy coated everything looks. I like kids games, though, well and above the tire iron thumping violence of something like GTA.

I have one complaint, and it may be due to my own stupidity. I have to realign the angle of the camera for my characer constantly. I like to be able to see where my avatar is looking. There is a cryptic statement in the booklet that control of the camera is important to the game. I find it a bit irritating, is all.

So far, I am enjoying the game, and have made it to the Tower of the Gods. I have been playing with some of the side quests, and am happy there are so many to play with.

Also, this is my first experience with the Gamecube. I am a PS2 girl previous to this, and I was suprised at how much I like the controllers on the Gamecube. I have small girly hands, and the controller buttons are in a way that fit very nice for me.

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