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Journal Journal: Anti-virus programs

You know, with all the hype about holes in all of these so-called "security" programs, you'd think you'd be doing yourself a disservice by running those programs. I don't run any of them - I guess because I'm smart enough not to go to places on the Web or elsewhere that could be crawling with nasty little bugs or open attachments from some random person on the Internet.

I don't know why it's so darn hard for people to realize that a little common sense would not cause them so much grief later on. Pennywise, pound foolish.

Oh well, as long as people are like that, I'll continue to have business.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Back again...

It's pretty bad that I forgot that I had a journal on /. ... but I'll use it here. Since I'm "starting over", I'll say a little about myself. I'm currently a 33-year-old male living in Tennessee. I run my own small computer consulting and repair business. I also run a small BBS, via dialup and telnet, using Maximus/2 under OS/2 Warp 4.52. I'm an OS/2 fan (have been for years), although I run W2K for my personal machine. I do have eComStation available to me (eCS is the OEM version of OS/2 that is being updated).

I also program a bit in QuickBASIC, Pascal (Turbo and Virtual), HTML and REXX (OS/2). I don't consider myself to be anything but a hobbyist programmer although I do a little bit of programming in my business. I specifically write BBS doors and sysop utilities under my Cheepware line.

I'm quite opinionated and lean a little to the right politically. I consider myself an independant. I think that our current administration is corrupt and smacks of "1984" or worse. However, I think anyone that is put in the position of President is corrupt. Very few presidents have NOT been multimillionaires when they were elected. That should say something right there.

This journal will be mostly of a technical and slightly political nature. I don't believe all of my personal business needs to be aired online, but some of the more interesting highlights may be.

I welcome informed and intelligent comments, but not flamebait.

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