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Journal Journal: Back in Berlin

After 18 hours on the road yesterday, I finally reached my hotel at around 10pm CET last night. Frankfurt Airport suffered massive delays and cancellations due to the weather (snow, mainly) but despite this they managed to soldier on and clear the runways.

Which leads me to ask the question - what does one do for 8hrs when stuck in an airport? Laptop batteries don't last more than a few hours and all the power points are usually being hogged by other frustrated passengers, but even they give up after a while because Internet access costs a bomb (turn of phrase) in most airports. There are only so many coffees you can drink before that gets boring and talking with other passengers, while sometimes can be interesting, more often than not ends up with you wishing you hadn't opened your mouth in the first place.

That said, I did meet a couple of interesting folk:

- an Irish army aviatophobic truck driver heading back to Kosovo after a few weeks rec leave (he didn't make it);
- the Austrian business man with an interesting set of opinions on immigration;
- one American au pair heading to Hamburg for a year's work; and
- two Australians on holidays from Melbourne.

It's a small world!

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