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Comment Re:One party rule (Score 1) 2837

This will be the most corrupt and crooked administration since Reagan and Nixon -I see a Depression coming that will make the 1930s looks like a walk in the park.All Frigging hell is fixing to break loose and I would not be surprised if a 2nd American Civil war breaks out,this time the Rich and Corporations vs everyone else.
The Time of Terror of the 1790 French Revolution will be a cakewalk compared to what is coming.Welcome to Nazi Amerika -America Failed to learn from history and brother are we gonna pay dearly for it.I don't expect to live very long after the healthcare and Social Security is destroyed by the Rethuglicans.

America has clearly gone INSANE.

Comment Re:Mixed-handedness (Score 3, Interesting) 260

I trained as a sniper long ago.I can shoot equally well either way.I can put a bullet where I want is up to a mile range without a scope.Any longer range using a scope,I'm definitely right handed.
I learned how to write left handed when I was in the first grade after my right hand was crushed by a home delivery milk truck in the early 1960s.Took forever to heal and I've kept it up.Drives the banks crazy because I sign the checks I write with either hand.Love messing with their heads.
My late Mother was left handed but was retrained to write right handed.My sister Terry is definitely a lefty.
Handedness may be hard wired but can be modified.I'm a prime example.

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