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Comment Re:I had this issue (Score 1) 415

I bought an iPad 1 (years ago now) to use as an eReader and as a tablet. Its been brilliant, as I can just pick it up and use it as a computer and an eReader. Its been great for trips because I can take books, rented movies and games on the go in a fraction of the luggage space that I used to use.

At the time there wasn't much competition. Nowadays I am looking towards something smaller that is a bit more portable, as the iPad is a bit big at times. Great for movies and TV shows and picking up off the couch to check your email or look up movie times, so great for Google Maps with its built in GPS and I don't have a problem holding it for reading. Just sometimes when you would like to take it out its just too big to just take with you when you don't want to be carrying much. Plus, its not a widescreen resolution. Nowadays I much prefer a widescreen resolution on things, it works better for reading too I think.

Thankfully it seems that the 7 inch wars are heating up just at the right time. I am interested in if there will be an iPad Mini of any note before committing to an upgrade.

Comment Re:Context (Score 0) 448

Well if it means that everyone in the call centre I talk to sounds like the torturer from the Three Kings movie then I'm not sure. I swear, it was uncanny I could barely contain myself from bursting out laughing. While many of the customers on that particular support line would of been American, I was not.

But I have to admit, I did understand everything he said perfectly, I guess I really was his main man at that point.

Comment Re:Battle? (Score 4, Informative) 734

Well the USPS should come to Australia and see what Australia Post is doing. They saw the writing on the wall, and took steps to adapt to the internet age and keep themselves relevant by doing all they can to get themselves into the delivery chain for the influx of packages being sent to compensate for the decline in letters et all. Plus they offer so many services (government and private) to get people into their stores.

The only real problem is that this can lead to a little more junk mail as businesses pay Australia Post to deliver their junk instead of private contractors.

Comment Re:Dinosaurs (Score 1) 209

It'is why I've always stated that people should stop piracy, so that the business models of studios can be allowed to fail leaving them with no more excuses to hide behind. That they may actually be able accept that they are behind the times and no longer meet consumer needs.

Comment Re:This is their priority? Really? (Score 1) 55

I stop by Home every once in a while, but I find most things in it to be completely boring. Many of the games are tedious, some are bottle necked so only 1 person can play at a station at a time and rarely do I meet someone thats actually worth talking to. And setting up your apartment seems to be a bit of a waste since I'm the only person that is actually in it.

There is the odd nice surprise, like getting my own Batcave, when I played Arkham Asylum, but otherwise I have found it less than compelling.

It has potential, its just trying to find its way at the moment I think. I think they would have a killer product if they allowed people to create their own environments and such, however there would be large penis monuments in mere seconds if that was allowed. At the moment, its moving around the furniture that they give you.

Comment Re:If you don't like it (Score 2) 440

If what comes out of this is an investigation by the ACCC then I will be very glad, as Apple and many other companies actively conspire to try to force you to buy from your regions store, rather than the store that has the best price.

Like EAs new Origin store, it forces its localisation on you for your market. I had to Google Cache up the US store just to try and find out what was happening with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bypassing the localisation added another 5 seconds to my browsing time, not cool.

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