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Comment Re:Substrates (Score 1) 195

Thanks for the info, it has been a while since I talked to anyone who knew anything about commercial growth.

If 8" wafers have those issues then do you think it is then feasible to expect an iPhone screen out of sapphire any time soon?

Or will iPhone screens be thicker and thus can absorb more issues seen in thinner wafers, or do screen-grade sheets simply have a higher tolerance for fault densities and not need to be substrate grade?

Comment Re:Substrates (Score 1) 195

They will be in a position to strong arm if they get manufacturing cranking, however I don't think the Apple of today would use something like this simply as extreme leverage against a supplier (though some pressure will of course be inevitable).

If they're smart (and don't for a second think they are not) then they really will move forward with this as another development in the American jobs and fabs and labs that they've started with the Made in USA Mac Pro (I'm not even American but I support smart manufacturing to keep an ever-changing creation industry local).

Comment Substrates (Score 4, Interesting) 195

Sapphire is not just for external materials, it is also a commonly used substrate for growth of various semiconductors for a range of devices (main substrate for GaN (blue LEDs), silicon on sapphire (SOS) tech). There are many reasons to use it as a substrate (transparent, radiation resistant, excellent thermal conductivity but low electrical conductivity) though some disadvantages which have largely been accounted for (poor lattice match to Si, GaN).

We used to get GaN grown on piddly little 2" sapphire wafers, which were themselves to start with hideously expensive. Growing on larger sapphire wafers is very interesting (think of how most production fabs are geared for 12" Si wafers).

Before you know it you may also find internal components made from material grown on sapphire made by Apple in Apple products.

Comment Re:well, think about his (Score 1) 408

Agreed that seeking "medicine" and professional therapy is a bad overall habit.

You could also, rather than nothing, try other things like exercise to make her actually tired, talking it out with a friend who can sleep, a more comfortable environment, a bedroom that is ONLY for sleeping (do homework etc in other rooms of the house), or getting her to read books in bed.
Seriously, I can no longer read two pages in the day before nodding off I have conditioned myself so effectively to sleep after reading.

Comment Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 731

In the US, if you use a debit card, it gives you the option of using "debit" or "credit". But that's not entirely true. the choice just determines how you verify: debit to verify with a PIN, credit to verify with a signature. Both come out of your bank account.

It is (or it was - and should still be) be possible to have two accounts on the same card - a debit and a credit (a proper credit account that does NOT have anything to do with your debit account).

In Australia the difference is "Visa debit" versus "Visa" - I think most credit cards that take money out of your debit account have "debit" after the Visa/Mastercard logo on the card.

Comment Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 731

You can have a debit card where the "credit" option uses Visa/Mastercard but debits from your cash account (as you suggest).

BUT you can also have a combined debit/credit card where, depending on which account you choose, accesses your cash account (debit) or a "standard" loan-based credit account (credit) which is *not the same as your debit account*.

These are less common now that most banks offer the "credit" access to your debit account, but I do believe it is still possible.

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