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Journal Journal: why I hate xbox live 2

The story so far..

My Xbox 360 experienced the red rings of death while playing Halo 3 shortly after release. Since in my spare time I was working on a XNA project as a developer this was especially disappointing. So I canceled my XNA developer access while I waited for it to be repaired, and sent the Xbox in. Amazingly fast service in returning it! A couple weeks later a replacement arrived.

This was to be the last positive experience. As I quickly discovered, all of my content was no longer linked to the Xbox. I called Xbox support, and the foriegn support person [I mention this because later he claimed knowledge of US Federal law] informed me that the reason my wife for example could not access the content we had purchased was because her Gold access had expired 9 months ago.

When I pointed out that she could access it as little as 2 months ago, he said he would investigate some more. Then he said that because my box had been replaced I had lost all the content, and would have to re-purchase all of it. I asked him to repeat that and he did. When I expressed my surprise and notified him that I could be recording the call. At this point he informed me that I was violating Federal law by doing so, and he could no longer speak with me. I asked for his supervisor.

22 minutes later I get the supervisor, who apologizes for the prior attempt to claim that Federal law prevented the discussion, and that the prior support person tried to convince me to re-purchase all of my content. After about 30 minutes of deleting content, re-downloading it, etc I am told that its something that they will have to escalate, and that someone will be in touch with me within the next week.

The next day, Frank at Microsoft contacts me via e-mail and phone. He says that sometimes when replaced the DRM authorizations do not get moved over, and they will have a fix for it, but it will take up to 30 days. I am amazed its going to take 30 days, but hey-its Microsoft what can you do?

30 days pass....

The DRM is still preventing other family members from seeing all of the content, and me from seeing some of it. So I e-mail Frank at Microsoft. And theres no response. A couple days later I call, and leave a message. Then a couple days later again I e-mail them again. Its obvious at this point that I am being ignored. So for the first time in my life I file a better business bureau complaint. In that complaint I cover all of this, and state that microsoft stated this would take up to 30 days.

2 days later frank e-mails me stating that he said that it would take a MINIMUM of 30 days, that he did not have my phone number, and that my emails were not received because my issue was closed, and the e-mail no longer monitored.

Unfortunately for Frank calling me a liar upset me, especially given that in this day and age e-mails are often kept. Emails which show the promise to resolve it within 30 days. So I send that back, point out that he has called me before, and ask to speak with a supervisor, since I have issues dealing with people that call me a liar.

Frank informs me that I cannot speak with a supervisor, and that he is as high as I can reach. I ask for a supervisor to contact me, OR have someone other then frank handle my case. I specifically state that I do not wish Frank to contact me anymore.

Frank calls me. Frank is in a room with about 200 people talking in the background making it hard for me to even comprehend what he is saying. He apologizes for calling me a liar, states that was not his intention. He informs me that it is taking longer then expected to move DRM permissions over, and that it will take 30 more days to re-authorize my purchases. He gives me a new case number at this point, and asks me if he can close the case. I tell him no and that his response is unacceptable. I again ask to speak with a supervisor. I am again told that I will not be talking to anyone else but him. As of last night the DRM restricts my access. Its been 2 months, 17 days since I first contacted Microsoft about this issue at this point.

At this point I give up on XNA development. When the frustration of it all makes you want to cry you just realize that no matter the reward its not worth this.

I now get a call! Its someone named shawn, he tells me he can solve my problems! But...he needs my console id and serial. Well this would be fine if I spent my days at home. I ask if he can call after 6pm. nope, how about a e-mail, nope. Can he call back tomorrow and I will e-mail myself the numbers he needs? He sure can! Hooray! I think, OK they got it all sorted out...maybe I could go back to xna development? Maybe. Except he never calls back. That was several weeks ago. I wish I had never bought my 360. Xbox live has really treated me bad.

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