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Journal Journal: Little Things Make Me Happy

Wow... Two weeks with nothing but Linux Mandrake 8.0 on my desk, and I'm more convinced than ever that this is not just a learning experience that I needed, but it's also a totally awesome OS that I have very few complaints about.

In the past two weeks I've done about a dozen reinstalls, trashed my xconfig file beyond recovery, and totally wiped out functionality of one program while upgrading another.

Now, I am presented with a wonderfully multi-tasking system that is a mizer on memory, plays all my mp3's, runs Unreal Tournament, shares out the mp3 stash with my wife's Win2k box, runs my home web page, gathers my email, and does all of my day-to-day productivity requirements.

It has been a struggle relearning how to do little things, but I'm pissed off every day at work being forced to use Windows NT, which looks nothing like what I'm accustomed to at home, and is totally unintuituve for my needs.

Now to just convert the rest of my co-workers.


Journal Journal: Daw Two: Cold Turkey

Okay, so far so good. System is running like a champ, going to do some updating tonight via Red Carpet, wrote a handout for my networking class in Star Office (had to email it to my wife's computer since I don't have Samba up and running yet), but so far, so good.

And I am again hooked on virtual desktops.

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