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Journal Journal: Slashdot moves

And I can't post anymore. Is it because I is blocking the referrer? Well, I can apparently write in my journal.

Shame I've still got nothing to say...


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Journal Journal: Fans 2

Fans. I have fans. I am deeply, deeply concerned, that 10 (count 'em) people have decided they are my fans. Already, I fell the pressure ... what if one of them changes my mind?

Why are they my fans?

What motivated them?

These things keep me awake at night. Well, that and the World Series.

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Journal Journal: Post Christmas

... and with the eating, drinking and carousing, I should feel like shit except:
i) My lovely sister kept me on the straight and narrow re:food. Tortillas and salad are not really my cup of tea, but if the alternative is to make something myself, they'll do.

ii) I just ran quite well, despite my first real long Sunday run (only 10-11 miles, but you've gotta start somewhere). 54 minutes round the bakeries, feeling a little unsure around the middle but with a good strong finish. Dare I be confident? No. Theres too long to go now, and I know what a grind it can become.

Today, though, I'm positive.

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Journal Journal: Why am I doing this?

For my own personal perusal, when the dark and the rain makes the whole experience utterly miserable, here are the reasons why I'm determined to enjoy this marathon more than the others (not that they were, bad; or at least not in retrospect):

  1. My base level is higher. I'm quicker over one mile, and seven miles, so training will take less time/be more productive. Thats the theory.
  2. I've started training earlier (over a month earlier).
  3. Motivation to train. Lose weight, do a-lotta-great-work-for-charidee.
  4. Organised sessions, including a long run, three times a week.
  5. Its supposed to be fun, goddamn it.

Later: Yowsers, that last run was a beaut! Good pace, strong finish. If only they were all that good ... karmically, I guess I've a shocker or two to come.

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Journal Journal: I'll try and keep this up

I'm not much of a blogger. I've never kept a diary, its as much as I can do keep my address book and appointment list up to date... but, I am usually pretty good at keeping a running log as the training builds up before the couple of marathons I've run, so I'll try and steal some of slashdot's bandwidth make a few notes ... Theres every chance that this will die a death, though.

Some preliminaries:

  1. I've got a number for the 2002 London Marathon (thats April 14, fact fans). Its 26.2 miles, and I'm not in shape to do it. I'm not unfit, but I'm not eating very healthily, and I'm certainly not marathon fit.
  2. I'm running at least 4 times a week at the mo', with either a fifth (long) run or a game of rugby at the weekends.
  3. I'll try and make notes about how its going at least once a week, just so I can look back for motivation when the training gets soul destroying. Maybe, just maybe, I'll succeed.
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Journal Journal: Just playing

Its Friday, I've given my last class and wikipedia is not scaling too well. So, I'm sitting around waiting for ntk to come out when I found this journal thing. How long has it been here? I wonder if I'll ever use it again?

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