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Comment Re:What straw will break the camel's back (Score 1) 174

Yes you can measure it, indirectly, using ion analysis from p holes.

Or you may watch the ionosphere.

I have a high altitude system and a low altitude system (10 ground stations) and both give me the Total Electron Content of the ionosphere to support a patent in the tomography of the ionosphere.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1143

I have.

In the upper midwest an energy efficient 4500 sq ft house one will require 100 MBTU over the course of a winter if the average temperature raise is 50F. Wood contains at most 30 MBTU per cord if perfect, dry, and no loss (which does not happen)

So a 100% efficient system in that situation would consume a little more than 3 cords.

Rocket Mass Heater is not going to invent heat. Further, there were no building codes for it when I built the house. A quick check says there still are no building codes addressing the design which is not a trivial point. Even further, the exhaust gas is very low temp, which means there is a CO danger.

I like the theory of the design which is why I have a Tulikivi. It weights 15 ton which is kept about 110F radiating, 90% efficient if I run it correctly, and does not have the nasty flue issues. And I have the bake oven which makes the best pizza and bread.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Interesting) 1143

The stove is about 80%. I burn good wood in it and we use it for base heat. I also have a Tulikivi centrally located on the main floor of the house, which can get to 90% efficient. We use that for 1-2 burns a day on the coldest stretches and let the soapstone radiate the rest of the day.

A neighbor of mine uses coal. It's a different heat than wood and very nice and much less finicky than wood.

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Informative) 1143

I burn 6-8 cord of wood per year and have a very, very small natural gas bill. The stove at the moment is burning three or four logs and the house is nice and warm--it stays warm at night until about -15C if the wind is up or -20C if calm and is fed about every 4 hours.

I'm not old and burning wood efficiently is not horrible.

Comment Re:Wanted: Annoying crotch sniffing dog (Score 1) 83

I will diagram the multiple puns:
The dog is what we are talking about.
The lab, a type of dog, is also a department you will find in a hospital.

If you have a positive medical finding of most anything in a hospital, and possibly from a lab, a physician will send you to a CAT scanner (computer aided tomography).

A cat is also a type of pet, much like a dog only without a soul. A side note is that a pet is also a type of scan, also known as a Positron Emission Tomography scan.

So in a short pair of sentences I was able to make fun of the dog, a lab, a CAT scanner and a cat and tie them with a thread of relevancy.

It was not that funny.

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