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Journal Journal: They try

When I'm not programming, you can probably find me on the golf course. Golfing is something that I don't do quite well, but for some strange reason I happen to enjoy it. I've been contemplating why I find the activity so enthralling, and I came to the conclusion that it is one of the few (if the only) sport/activity that pits you against yourself. And that is the reason golf is great. You don't need to get 15 other people together and find an open field like baseball. You don't need to find 9 other people and hope that you can get some time on the blacktop. If you have the equipment, thats all you need.

Every Monday, I volunteer my time with the Special Olympics. Technically, I volunteer with NEDSRA (North-eastern Dupage Special Recreation District) but on a more general scale, it's the Special Olympics. I'm whats called a "Unified Partner", meaning I play golf with an athlete and we play alternate shot. He takes a swing, I take a swing, so on and so forth until the ball gets into the hole. Sounds easy enough but Special Olympics Golf has a few problems. One of the problems being the Special Olympics play by the EXACT same rules as the professionals. Now, if your a golfer or if you have every golfed in your life you know that the rules of golf are somewhat asinine. Now try having Downs Syndrome and remembering all of them. Or a physical disability and playing by all of them. Okay, everybody has to play by the rules but sometimes you need to make exceptions.

Anyway, working with the Special Olympics has made me figure out why I love golf so much and why, sadly, (for some of these kids/adults) golf is something that they can never excel at. Golf requires you to fine tune specific muscles so that you can tweak any part of your swing at anytime and it requires you to develop a perfect understanding of where you are and where every part of your body is at any point in time. If you take the clubhead away at a strange angle, you need to adjust. If you overswing, you need to adjust. The problem is, you need to be AWARE of what the club is doing at any particular point in time at any particular point in the swing. This is something that I am not that good at, and frankly, neither are a majority of the general population. It becomes quite difficult and quite frustrating when my partner hits a bad shot, looks up at me hopeful that I can tell him something that will fix it. I've made quite good progress with him, but lately I've been hitting a dead end. I'm not sure what else to say, or what else to do. It's just aggravating to not be able to help.

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Journal Journal: Why do I hurt myself?

I don't get it. I've been developing with .NET now for a couple years and for some strange reason I still work in a couple of projects with ASP. No, not the ASP.NET with all the object-oriented wonderness. ASP. You know, that hideous old stepchild that we all keep locked away in the basement? Well, I'm trying to figure out why I elect to punish myself. There must be some drug that is causing me to do this. I think the thought process goes something like this:

Ryan: "This is a small app. Nobody is ever going to use it, really. I can whip this up in a minute with ASP. ASP wasn't that bad. I mean, come on, you've written hundreds of these things in your sleep. This won't take more than 15 minutes."

9 days later I come out. I must have been a fool. How did I know that this app was going to interface with 15 different systems and require BizTalk integration with a DB2 database???

Anyway, I just came out of another one of those projects. and I hope and pray that I finally learned a lesson.

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Journal Journal: Random Music Question 4

In the late 70s or early 80s a song was released that featured a trumpet (I think it was a muted trumpet or flugelhorn) playing over accompaniment, no lyrics (that I know of). I believe the artist was a one hit wonder, and now I have the song stuck in my head as do most of my coworkers. So, I'm begging and pleading for your help. The only thing that we know is that it sounds like a slow version of the Price is Right tune.

I know this sounds quite crazy, but you know when you get a song stuck in your head, it just kinda stays there until you hear the entire song? Well this is just like that, but to the nth degree.
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Journal Journal: Friends and foes..... 1

I need somebody to explain something to me. Hopefully you can follow this. I go to my friends user info page. I click on thier friends list. Now shouldn't everybody on that page have 2 green bubbles next to them, since they are Friends of Friends? OR Am I completely clueless?

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