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Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: RedHat 7.2 and what I expect of it

While everybody's been eager to begin their journal, I kept my hands off this tool till now. It struk me that I may get something useful off this. Of course, I have my doubts that anybody might read this stuff, but what the hell...
So, while waiting for RH 7.2 to be released, I still haven't found the time to try Mandrake 8.1 final. It resides quietly on my server waiting to be fetched and burned on the three CDs. Well, I guess that I will remain a RedHat fan afterall. You can't teach an old dog new tricks :)

I am not very confident Mandrake will reach up my expectations. I am fond of Linux's server capabilities... I need Samba support... I am excited about all the kernel ACL stuff... guess what - Mandrake has got it all already compiled, but is Mandrake a good server distro? A lot of my clients would love having ACLs and Samba 2.2. I just hope RedHat will bundle all that into their 7.2 :(

Good. I made my first journal entry. I rule! :)

No I don't. I am just kidding myself. Don't shoot the mesanger.

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