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Journal Journal: lalala

Still running 2.6.0-test4-mm5 everything works but I'm starting to see some interactivity problems here and there :/ Another thing is that ACPI is horribly broken.

First week of school is done! Weekend now, I can finally put my soon-to-be plan9 box together and have some fun with that.

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Journal Journal: adventures in kernel land


I'm running 2.6.0-test4 now! I tested the others extensively and cryptoloop finally seems stable. I had lots of data corruption in the earlier onces. Finally -test3-mm2 fixed it I think.

Oh well I'm copying all my shit to my new AES encrypted harddrive :) I think I've been working as root for the past two months now! No more nagging that IRCing as root is dangerous... Well I didn't screw over my system, just had a little accident where I did a losetup on hda1 instead of hdb1, effectively wiping my /boot. Thank god I realized what I'd done before I did a reboot :)

So much for my first /. journal entry. Enjoy

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