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Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Top iPod Issues/Questions

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Using an iPod myself for the last several years, here is a list of all the top iPod related questions/issues I have compiled that I thought would help other users as well. So here goes..

My iTunes is not recognizing my iPod

For Windows users. After connecting an iPod, it doesn't show up in iTunes (but is seen in My Computer).
Yeah, this is a pickle. iTunes is the iPod management software, so if it doesn't see the iPod you can do anything with it. There are several possible fixes.

I get the "Do not disconnect" message on my iPod screen.

The iPod connects to your computer by way of a USB port. All devices that connect using USB must be "unmounted" before you unplug them. The "Do Not Disconnect" message lets you know that you still have to unmount the iPod.

How do I convert my movies (DVD) to view on my iPod (video)?

Convert DVD filed into iPod format. Follow these simple steps.

How to transfer music from ipod to itunes (computer)

Basically, in order to transfer songs from the iPod to your computer, you have to undermine the design of the iPod. Whenever you use a device in a way it's not designed, you increase the chances that it'll break. That said, a lot of people have done this with no problems and it's a real life saver if your computer crashed and you lost your whole iTunes music library.

How do I use my ipod as a Hard drive

There are two ways to put your iPod into Disk Mode:

Through iTunes

Through the iPod (not connected)

iPod Battery problem

Your battery is probably not charged. Connect your iPod to your computer or wall charger for at least 4 hours.
Of course nothing is as easy as that. Let's review some facts...

iPod Frozen - Troubleshooting Guide (Decision Tree)

All possible cases of Frozen ipod covered here

iPod Not Mounting - Troubleshooting Guide (Decision Tree)

All possible cases of unmounting problems of ipod covered here

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding iPod.

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