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Comment Risk in IT (Score 1) 286

Stuff VaR, I find it hard enough to get any clients to create and maintain a Vision Document (RUP - or any other similar document from another framework) for their project. This ha always proved to be the biggest risk.

Then there are those stunning Risk Registers with the Likelihood and Impact factors assigned during the one and only "risk workshop", that is akin to decision by committee, that are never looked at again. Does anyone know who I apply to for those hours of my life spent in Risk Workshops back.

My $0.02 is spent.


Submission + - Expensive maths tutoring software

gavinjolly writes: "My question is what do other SDers use or recommend to ensure their kids understand maths?

We had a visit from a salesman last night for maths tutor software for our kids. The software is called Mathematic Computer Tutor from the Australian Institute of Mathematics (Google Search). It costs a whopping $4950 New Zealand Dollars or US$3,603.59. The licence is one off and for the entire family so it could be reused for three of my children.

The software itself seemed good but not NZ$4,950 worth of good IMHO. Key features of the software I observed included:
  • You can select the level/year
  • Select the Area and Topic. It seemed to cover most of the maths curriculum.
  • Multi user
  • Tracks each users performance in each exercise providing an overall scorecard for User, Year, Area and Topic
  • There is also phone support for the kids to call a tutor

I did a quick search and few sites with comments regarding the software.

My wife quite likes the software but I am sceptical interest by my kids will fade over time. Also, I believe there should be more interaction in learning, not just putting the kids in front of a computer and saying Go for it. I have a maths background (Engineering) and am happy to spend the time with my kids.

$4950 would buy some really good maths books and a top of the line Maths Software ( — Mathematica, graphcalc, livemath, Pacific Tech) and there are a lot of resources out there on the interweb."

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