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Journal Journal: I saw this online just now, the intro to my first website!

I Guess I was thinking. I was thinking about making a web site. I know how to make one, so I started thinking of ideas. And then I thought something else. I guess I think alot. This time, however, it was a mostly coherent thought; Why Bother? After this wave of apathy had washed over me in much the way it likes to do every once in a while, I thought "HEY! What a great name for a web site." Realizing I was hungry, however, I decided not to bother doing anything about my idea quite yet, and get some food. When I finally walked to the kitchen, I saw chocolate chip cookies, freshly cooked. My first instinct was to scientifically observe the speed with which a starving teenager can swallow still-hot chocolate cookies, but quickly realizing my mistake, I understood it was a trap! I quickly went in search of the maker of these cookies to ensure that they were, indeed, for a school project, or to sell at a bake sale, or some other ridiculous project that didn't involve me eating the cookies. As I searched, I quickly found my mother, who had baked the cookies. She said I could eat them! As I headed back into my room half stuffed with cookies, I realized my first instinct had been correct. No, not the scientific observations! or, actually, them as well, but more importantly the first instinct preceding that: Why Bother? Suddenly I had an insight! If problems are left alone for long enough, they will go away! I had something I needed to tell people! No, not the crap about ignoring problems, I needed to inform the public that since I only ate MOST of the cookies, the remainder are still warm, sitting on the counter in my kitchen!
I hastened to write this account up, and put it online so that others would have tho opportunity to hear how good these cookies are, and possible to get some of them. (As I write this, I am realizing that I am still hungry, so before I finish this rant, I beleive I will finish the rest of the cookies.) Realizing that there is now no point in me finishing this, as I am finishing the last cookie, I'd just like you to welcome anybody who is reading this to the site.

(I wrote this in 1999 as an intro to a PHP generated Blog, [though that name did not exist, AFAIK] and it's kinda funny to think about what I spent my time doing as a freshman. Wow did I have too much free time.)

(Then again, I am posting this to a Slashdot Journal, so I guess the more things change...)

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