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User Journal

Journal Journal: no one reads this

I don't write in this much anymore because no one reads it, but it is handy for me to have a time frame of reference for when shit happened to me, because I can't remember. I got a new computer, fuck that old one. Job still kicks ass. Want new computer with PCI-X now. The X makes it eXtra cool.

That is all.

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Journal Journal: germandz

i write this from germany. i keep tzping germanz because the z and the y are switched. i dont know whz. anywaz i dont have much to say. things arent quite like i expected, but i am still having an ok time. it is not very cold. the computer i am typing on is old but is free because it is Nashas. where the apostrophe is, i dont know. well, i will be home in 10 days. bis dann.

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Journal Journal: good things happening to bad people

well it's been a while since my last JE. i've been busy with my new job. I did get that job at the computer store, in fact that's where i am right now. hurricane ivan is bringing bad weather to my area (ATL) and everyone's out of the shop.

i love this job. all i do is sit around and fix computers and eat. it's badass. fuck that last job. those people were dickheads and i hated that job anyway. this one is much better. i've learned a shitload about computers in just the two weeks i've been here. plus i get all my parts from here at cost.

my computer, however, is still fucked up. i hope to have that fixed today. im thinking the system instability is either caused by bad ram, or the onboard video on my mb. oh well. if anyone reads my journal, holler at a player.

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Journal Journal: out with the old, in with the new

so, i lost my job at the card place because my parents dont work for the company. someone had to lose their job because there weren't enough hours to go around. was it the CFO's son? the CTO's son? no, it was me, nobody they know's son.

however, there is this computer shop on the other side of town that needs someone. i'm a little rusty on my computer skills tho. i quit paying attention three years ago. anyone got any ideas how to get back into things? catch up, as it were? oh well. i go talk to the guy tomorrow about the job. i'll let you know how it goes.


Journal Journal: Wow 2

oh. my fucking. god. i love apple. i post this from dual G5 with a giant fucking monitor. i mean, four times bigger than mine. The keyboard is a little off balance for me, but i'd get used to it.


everything those mac guys said is true. maybe not EVERYTHING, but, some things. and those things are good. safari is good. the dockapp thing is badass. the controls are intuitive. the interface is completely different from windows or kde. or anything else for that matter that linux has. never used it before, feel like i could do anything i wanted.

btw, weed brownies are the shiznite.

that is all.

User Journal

Journal Journal: There are more drug users than computer literates

You know, in the course of my daily life, I meet about 100x more people that use drugs than are computer literate. But what does this mean?

btw suse rox0rz my box0rz & slashcode sux0rz my p3n1z.

konqueror has this neat little feature called audiocd:/

I'm sure you're familiar with it. I believe the KDE docs say that it supports both mp3 and ogg. In suse it only does ogg. this isnt a problem, as i only copy cds that i own and i want to support ogg anyway and it sounds better than mp3 and suse plays it out of the box and this is a perfect example of a run-on sentence.

United States

Journal Journal: drugs, anyone? 3

So. Ethelred, if you read this, this could give you some poll ideas. but that's not the point. the point is i'm ranting and i want answers.

Is marijuana a gateway drug? why or why not?

i contend that it is. i believe this because it is available from the same people that sell hard and ice and x and xanax and god knows what else. you dont go down to your local liquor store and see a big fucking sign saying "FREE X PILL WITH EVERY 1.75 LITER!" if people were accustomed to weed like they are to alcohol and tobacco, people would hardly seek out worse things.

there is no evidence that if marijuana were legal that a larger percentage of the population would take up smoking it. some may say that is no reason to make it legal, but in a free society, you need a reason to make something illegal, not legal.

not that drugs are good. it's just that things could be handled a lot fucking better and they aren't because the system is set up and it's damn hard to change a bureaucracy short of force.

that's all it really is, isn't it? bureaucracy. or perhaps aristocracy. certainly not democracy. not when the people of a state vote to legalize, and the federal government overrides it.

hmm...i seem to remember reading something in school...they said it was an important old paper or something...the tenth article of it? ALL POWERS NOT SPECIFICALLY DELEGATED BY THE CONSTITUTION TO THE CONGRESS SHALL BE RELEGATED TO THE STATES.

or something like that. bullshit, is what it is. yeah, america is a great place, standard of living-wise, if you happen to come from a family rich enough to live in the suburbs, or live in the country, practically living off the land. but i am sick and fucking tired of people dismissing legitimate complaints about the system as unpatriotic. THAT'S WHAT AMERICA IS ALL FUCKING ABOUT.

i know i'm preaching to the choir here, but i just wanted to put it all in writing and hope someone reads it, maybe someone will see something in a different light.

btw, if anyone knows where i can order one of those "support our troops: impeach bush" bumper stickers, please link me. always support the troops, only support the government when it deserves it.


Journal Journal: Suse...again...

well, here i am, back again, running suse on my home machine. it was harder to get my modem running this time, so i will record what i did here.

after much searching, two simple commands finally solved the problem.

setserial -g /dev/ttyS*

showed me that my modem was in fact detected, on /dev/ttyS12, so

ln -f /dev/ttyS12 /dev/modem

set yast to use /dev/modem, and all is well.

i guess i need to set everything up like i had it and get used to it. suse is the only distro i can get to work for me, and it works well. as long as you stay within the narrow confines of suseworld, everything works great.

i will keep you posted on my progress.


Journal Journal: Spacial Browsing and Install Nightmares 1

First off, I'm reading the GoneME (how the fuck would you pronounce that?) thread, and I just want to say, wtf is wrong with spacial browsing, and for that matter, why does everyone think it's new? I always liked it even before I knew there was a fancy name for it. Why would you want everything in the same window? Use an xterm if you want to be in one directory at a time. When copying between folders, spacial is much better.

Anyway, I've had nothing but trouble trying to install Linux on my computer (again). I try booting with "bare.i nodma" and I get a new problem every time! Once I finally got it all installed and on boot it told me my filesystem was irrevocably fucked. So I re-partitioned, did a tedious full format of all partitions, and tried again. Well, now the installer simply segfaults, every time. Btw, in case you couldn't tell from the 'bare.i' thing, I'm trying to install Slackware, version 10, no less.

Mandrake shits itself, and I haven't tried Suse again since that's what I was trying to get away from, but it looks like Suse is the only one that works! I guess I'll go home tonight and try to install Suse again. I knew it was a bad idea getting rid of it.

So in conclusion, anyone got any idea wtf is wrong with my computer? btw, when I don't use nodma, packages simply fail to install with errors like 'corrupted package', even tho that same package will install fine when I try again, but another package that worked last time will fail.


Journal Journal: fuck

damnit. every fucking time.

so i get tired of suse not letting me install anything because yast is stupid, and i try to install slackware 10.

the only reason suse worked on my machine was because it has a safe boot option, which disables DMA, which apparently is what has been making my computer unstable.

whenever i try to install linux or even windows it gives me weird random errors about packages not being able to be installed or being corrupt, and the slackware installer eventually just hangs. suse did the same until i used safe mode install, and it worked fine since then, albeit a little slow, but yast is stupid and wont let me install anything because of dependencies and wont let me set a remote install directory to one of the official suse mirrors so as to resolve said dependencies and overall just isnt my kind of distro.

so now im stuck. i dont think suse will boot anymore because slack is half installed over it, and slack wont finish installing, so i type this from good ol' knoppix, which recently underwent improvements which allow me to very easily use my modem and dial my isp, but it is a bitch getting it set up again every time i reboot. so i guess i'll go for some uptime.


Journal Journal: suse thus far 1

Thus far Suse has been ok to me. Today I used YOU to update and it put in 2.6 in place of the old 2.4, and things are looking good. I do notice a significant increase in speed, as it was a bit sluggish before.

I type this from konqueror, because firefox ALWAYS fucks up on slashdot pages in linux, but never anymore on my xp machine at work. Konq renders it just fine. Even got a spell checker. Btw, anyone know how to block ads in konq like with firefox?

There is one annoyance. I can't seem to get it to accept the suse mirror at gatech as an installation source. All I want is something like apt, with suse. I don't want to bullshit downloading everything manually and checking dependencies and shit. Just show me what you got let me click it and install it, from YaST, which you're so fucking proud of. Don't get me wrong, it does a good job, but when it doesn't, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.


Journal Journal: Linux...again 2

Well, once again I have my computer running Linux. This time I went with Suse 9.1.

At first glance, I like it. It took me some setserial black magic to get it to see my modem, but once it did everything was groovy. It seems a, but whatever. It does not come with most of the applications that I would like it to, and I can't seem to get Firefox to work. Doesn't even come with XChat. That's ghey.

Konqueror seems to have a spellchecker. Nice.

Overall I'm fairly happy with this setup thus far. I ordered Slack 10 and Mandrake 10 so if this setup pisses me off it's right out the window for it.


Journal Journal: Open Source at work

I just wanted to let everyone know that our sysadmin at work recommend installing Mozilla on everyone's computers as a replacement for IE. Everyone's computer is infested with spyware and adware and malware (oh my).

Not only that, he recommended just replacing the icon and changing it to an ie theme and not even telling them. Personally, I think it would be a good idea in this situation. I swear they wouldn't know the difference. Maybe tell them one day, when they're older, if it ever comes up.


Journal Journal: Human Torch vs. Iceman 1

I saw 'The Day After Tomorrow' a few days ago, and I must say it was rather pointless. However, it got me thinking about something that's been on my mind for a while.

Who would you rather be, the Human Torch, or Iceman?

The HT can create and control fire, fly, throw fireballs and shit, and if all else fails, can go nova and burn everything around him.

Iceman slides around on that ice slide thing, and that looks pretty fun. He can create ice structures and weapons and such, which would be handy. He has perhaps the most practical super power, the ability to blow on his beer and chill it. I would like to be able to do that.

They both have somewhat of a touch of death attack, the Iceman could freeze them to death, the HT set them ablaze.

I came to the conclusion that for raw killing power and the ability to fly, the HT comes out on top. For overall practicality, the Iceman wins.

Oh the deep philosophies I ponder when bored at work.

User Journal

Journal Journal: ARGH

I just wrote up a long journal on how my boss sucks because he doesn't know anything about computers and how microsoft sucks because they dont either and how linux sucks because it's fucking inconsistent as hell AND THEN I LOST IT. It really goes to illustrate the point of what I wrote even better but none of you will ever know what it was because IM NOT FUCKING TYPING IT ALL OVER AGAIN. oh well. goes right along with the general mood of the rest of my pathetic fucking life lately.

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