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Journal Journal: neverkevin - I choose you!

He marked me as a Foe and now I do the same... mostly because his grammar is horrid...

(6/18/2004) And now I have changed it since he changed his. :p

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Journal Journal: New Foe

I've marked corbettw as a Foe for being a complete waste of skin and a stereotypical right-winger who shuts discourse down instead of opening it up...
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Journal Journal: And another!

Makarakalax is another misguided soul who thinks we should be Foes... well, he has another Fan.
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Journal Journal: A New Friend!

I am adding syrinx as a Friend, even though he has marked me as a Foe for some reason (can't see why), because we agree. THHHHHHPPPPPPPTTTTT!
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Journal Journal: Adding another foe...

So, Silverhammer, someone I've never had contact with (to the best of my knowledge) has marked me as a foe.

Well, now I mark you as a foe, so bleh! :p

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Journal Journal: Where do the weirdos come from?

I can't figure this one out. I just had to mark "the man with the pla" (couldn't figure out a shorter name, I guess) as a foe because he just doesn't stop whining and rambling!

I also find it interesting that he's been found stealing other people's comments!

And he's preaching to me?!? Freak...

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Journal Journal: Another "Foe"

Once again, I have marked a complete idiot as a "Foe." "Mike Hawk" has to be one of the smallest individuals I've met on /. yet...

Now, of course, he thinks he's a big man because he goes on and on about these damn Nintendo plushes. He prefers to attack people's intelligence instead of actually having a constructive argument. Wonderful fellow, no? I have to assume he's about 16, because that's the maturity level he's exhibiting...

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Journal Journal: I'm a Troll

Hmmm... "Troll" over in this thread - TWICE! Someone must love me. :)

That said - I'm not concerned. I have enough karma to choke a stable of horses, let alone just one.

I'm off to meta-moderate, because someone is abusing their rights. Maybe I'll catch him in another abusive moderation.

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Journal Journal: Huh...

Making Cecil a "Friend," even though he made me a "Foe" and can't figure out why...we seem to agree on most of the postings I see in his area. I will say that I usually mark my "Freaks" as "Foes," but this is an odd case...

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