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Journal Journal: Interesting strategy from FoxNews

Here we see an interesting new strategy: the carefully timed retraction. FoxNews has recently began posting stories containing false information about John Kerry. The first was the story containing made up quotes intended to make Kerry look effeminant [1]. The second was a story in which they quoted the anti-Kerry group "Communists For Kerry" as if they were a genuine pro-Kerry group. When they quoted Billionares for Bush they made it quite clear that they were an anti-Bush group.

The interesting thing here is not that in both cases FoxNews has retracted the stories, but *when* they retracted the stories. Inevitably the stories were retracted only after they had fallen off the frontpage. So, to find the retraction a person would not only have to choose to read the same story again, but that person would also have to dig through the FoxNews archives, a pair of conditions which seem unlikely. The retractions, in both cases, were printed at the bottom of the original story, and were not mentioned elsewhere on the site, much less in a prominant location on the frontpage.

I find it difficult to believe that FoxNews is so incompetent that they can't actually keep made up news off their website. Especially considering that they included a link to the Communists for Kerry website, which is quite obviously a parody. If they aren't acting from incompetence, the only other answer is that they are accomplishing what they planned to. I don't think its that hard to guess what they plan to do...

I wonder how much screaming we'd hear from the Fanatic Right Collective if any news organization tried similar tactics against Bush.

[1] It is worth noting that the quotes were made up by the, supposedly, professional journalist they have covering Kerry. I wonder how he is supposed to accurately cover a man he obviously has a large amount of contempt for.

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