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Journal Journal: Why do I have an account?

I finally got an account with this establishment. I've been aware of /. as it's called in these circles for quite a few years. I like the articles, but my ePaper of choice is, gotta give props to those guys. If I could recoup all the time I've spent reading ars, I'd have years in my pocket. I'll leave that for another journal entry. Last time I was at Jon's house (somehow i'll add him to the firends list!) I gave /. another look and started reading it a bit more, although not as closely as I do ars. I realized that some people DO have really insightful things to say about an article. Some of them I'd never even think of, which makes me feel a little bit retarded, but really, considering how much alcohol I drink my brain's got to be fried. I then started reading the discussions on certain topics more and more and eventually bit the bullet and signed up. Now I feel extra 31337, as well as feeling like another dumb sheep along with the other (at this time) 675425 users. I figured if every other nerd has an account here, I should have one as well. My number could have been somewhere under 100K had I signed up in the hay day, but I hate signing up for things, this included.

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