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Journal Journal: US politics and the rest of the world

Guy Montag's journal entries and web site, just make me sick.
This guy denigrates European countries because they "don't support the US government". I mean, he's right. We don't support the lies spreaded by the US government. And I personally don't support Guy Montag's lies.

First of all, Mr Montag, you should be taught some history. It's not us, the french, who dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, even though according to intelligence reports the Japanese were ready to surrender.

South Korea, North Korea? Do you even remember why there are two Koreas instead of one? Isn't it because the US wanted its share of this country after WWII ?

Also, please let me remind you that this is not France who installed, helped and armed dictators in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala.

Ah, but there's Iraq. Remember who financed Sadam Hussein? Ever heard of the Export-Import Bank's "loans" to Iraq, or the "subventions" by the US Agriculture Department, all this pushed by George Bush?

Ah but I forgot. A dictator is not really a dictator if he's a friend of the USA. As long as Iraq was fighting Iran (oh about Iran, do you know why the integrists took power there? Remember the CIA's manipulations?), it was a "good" country. Now it's "evil", even though there is no evidence that it has weapons or plans to invade the US or any other country in the world. It's not enough that the US have forced an embargo on the country for 10 years, starving them to death. 10 years of bombing to make sure that the country will be weak enough to limit the number of killed US soldiers when the invasion begins.

I have no good feelings towards Saddam Hussein. He is a cruel and abject man, and certainly deserves to get busted. But I can't accept the arguments the US government is trying to make us swallow to justify the attack of this country.

People like Guy Montag really make me sick. They believe every blatant lie told by their government. They are racist, stupid and ignorant. They are blind when it comes to history of their own country. Yet, they feel like a need to chasticize whoever isn't in the line of the facists party that today dominates the US government.

Sickness. That's what I feel when I see G.W.Bush and his lieutenants. We, europeans, know much better than the americans what terrorism is. We have had terrorism all over the place for years, and we didn't nuke half the world just because of that. I was living in Paris when the 1995 bombings occured in the subway. This was not a reason to go nuke Algeria, even though all evidence showed that the terrorists came from there.

But there is no half measure for Bush. There is black, there is white, and that's it. No space for diplomacy. You are with us or against us. Sheesh. What a bunch of crap.

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