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Journal Journal: CowboyNeal =( 1

Am I the only person in the world that misses the CowboyNeal Option???

Maybe we could even have a vote,

[X] Bring CowboyNeal back!!
[ ] Keep CowboyNeal away!!!

(We couldn't have a CowboyNeal option in this poll, unfortunately... for obvious reasons)

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Journal Journal: Politics on Slashdot 1

You know, it really suprises me, the way that liberal politics is SO engrained into the way most people think. Even intellectuals.

I just had a discussion with someone who thought that it was the right of the federal/state government to pass a law that would ban smoking in private businesses.

Don't get me wrong.. public policy for government offices, government funded institutions should be controlled by this sort of thing. In this case the government would be the business owner.. making a choice about how to run the government's business.

Government does NOT have the right to tell Joe Bloe Bar Owner that he can't smoke in his private business. That he can't allow his customers to smoke. The government has so overstepped it's bounds that people don't even notice anymore.

They just think... oh good... I'm not a smoker that doesn't affect my life.

I'm even trying to quit! It's a nasty habit. But I don't have the right to enforce the majority's opinion on the minorities private property, etc.

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Journal Journal: /sigh Buffy....

Hmmmm well the slashdot article reminded me that BTVS (buffy the vampire slayer) is going off air at the end of this season. Of course we all knew it was comming. Last season was pretty crap (in some spots) with the big bad being the not so fearsome trio of nerds. But this season so far has been superb. All the other seasons (the one's that I've seen that is) have been amazing.

I do get a little bothered about people bashing buffy without ever seeing it... or giving it a chance. But that's life. I'm sure Joss will come up with something (that doesn't get cancelled like Firefly) that will replace buffy in my life.


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