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Journal Journal: NTL really are bastards.

A free upgrade to the next tier of their service all for the measly cost of a £0. Looks like we don't even get a choice about it.

How dare they give me a free upgrade without telling me about it. And then they have the audacity to not even change the download cap to soften the blow. Bastards. How do I sign up for BT?


Journal Journal: Gahhh! 2

Googled "fluffybacon" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" button. Apparently I'm a 19/f from Michigan. This comes as somewhat of a shock to me and my penis. For 6 long years I was the only person daft enough to have this name. Oh well, now I'm 7 years younger, with breasts.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Pffffft!

He said
"I feel lugubrious and impracticably quixotic with your indubitable and incontrovertible ability to notice my much-tested fortitude. Veritably it is with voluminous disconsolateness that I must supplicate upon you to no longer malinger at the very boondocks of this palaver and immure yourself in the quiddity of the pother at hand. To be unreservedly Non-divergent, you're a predominantly incredulous entity, inestimable in use merely to those of an obtuse milieu. Your illimitable propensity to concede your futility is austerely irksome in a habitually cantankerous and belligerent way. Supplementary to this, your hum is analogous to that of a festering wig and your proficiency for identity discernment is secondary only to the manner in which you cogitate. Nonetheless, the mode of your conduct has been reprehensible to the extreme. You have acquitted yourself in a way that I would more typically correlate with the approach of an unbridled mandrill. I would anticipate solely that you endeavour to atone for yourself at this 'epoch', to expound my notion of yourself."

To which I could only reply "Indeeeeeeeedy Doo"

Journal Journal: Woo! 3

I made my first foe on /. today. Its the Profanity blacklist.
I did toy with the idea of making them a foe, but I think its a good idea.
Mind you, I didn't think I swore that often.


EDIT: Second foe is Admiral Llama Who is a friend of said blacklist. Yay!

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