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Comment Well... (Score 1) 391

1. "Access" a lot of music
2. Use Matching to get iTunes versions of it
3. Delete original set of music
4. RIAA has to prove that your music files aren't legit.


I ripped those CDs and the original CD was
a) destroyed
b) stolen
c) thrown into the sun by Superman
d) all of the above
and no, I don't have receipts for them because I threw the receipts away and paid in cash so no credit card records.

Comment Re:Apple Original language lockdown. (Score 1) 789

You should check out Pwn2Own. I wonder why Apple products are the ones in the crosshairs all the time. You also might want to read non-Apple published news so you can actually see what exploits there have been and any new ones that come down the pipe.

You might do well to remember this old poem... because, you know... well... I forget, but it's something about repeating ;) Ignore these draconian policies at your own peril... Jobs has been known to be extremely fickle and a temper tantrum throwing child. Right now it isn't something you care about but one day it may be.

THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Comment Re:Missing Reason (Score 1) 789

You must use the services to "multitask" or run things in the background or have 'threads'.

So, if your app doesn't use the services to multitask, it has no threads, it isn't multitasking, and it doesn't know anything about a "background".

It will not waste any battery by running poorly in the background because the app doesn't use the services so it isn't multitasking, it has no threads, and there is no such thing as a "background for it".

It will not use the processor excessively by running poorly in the background because the app doesn't use the services so it isn't multitasking, it has no threads, and there is no such thing for a "background" for it to be using the processor in.

Your "native apps being profiled by the build tools and such" makes no sense at all. Once the code is compiled (regardless of language), it is an ARM executable binary. It suspends itself when the OS gives it a message telling it to suspend itself by serializing its state and then the OS pauses the process. How each app serializes its state is entirely up to it. It can even ignore the message if it wants, it just will have to start up anew the next time it is 'resumed' since it didn't save what it was doing before. If you notice, not once in this paragraph did I mention anything about what language an app was written in because it *does not matter*. All of those things happen and will happen regardless of what language a developer chooses to write the app in. Except that Apple is declaring that it has to be written in C/C++/Obj-C.

Given that, however, people who need to write hand-optimized ARM assembly cannot do so since it isn't on the blessed list. Sometimes game writers (and other programs where every clock cycle counts) need to do that.

Comment Re:Missing Reason (Score 3, Insightful) 789

That's the problem... tons of non-technical people (and Apple fans) will just take whatever Jobs tells them as gospel without checking up on the facts or anything.

What about all of the non-OS4 apps that are written? They've never used those APIs. So, are they all suddenly going to perform very badly with regard to battery drain? Since they aren't "multitasking", I'm guessing that would be a "no"... since they have to actually, you know, use the new APIs to actually multitask (or not, if they don't want to participate in that). The "pausing" is because the app receives a message from the OS and then the app can elect to ignore it (as will all pre-OS4 apps because, again, they weren't written to acknowledge those messages) or to save its state. If it doesn't save its state then it doesn't 'pause', it just starts over from initial run. If it does save its state, then it has paused and can pick up where it left off when it gets another (new) message to resume.

The cross compiled stuff is also used to throw off non-technical people. As long as the executable program output by the compiler uses the correct methodology, code in it can be linked to the system libraries to perform the tasks exactly as the Obj-C or whatever ones can. If it didn't make the executable right it wouldn't run correctly anyway. Here's something that is disallowed with this thing... I could write an Obj-C routine that does everything perfectly with respect to the new APIs and all that, but if that Obj-C routine then calls something that was written in another language, somehow it suddenly breaks stuff? It simply doesn't happen that way. As long as the compiler is doing its job properly (and they tend to do that), there's no way the OS could tell what language the application was written in. That's why they are APIs... that stands for Application Programming Interface... Interface being a key word... it's how you interface to the libraries. You have to interface to them correctly or all bets are off in the first place. Choice of language is otherwise completely irrelevant as long as it *interfaces* correctly.

Also, applications being written in C/C++/Obj-C have absolutely zero guarantee that they'll meet the requirments. They could have poor battery usage, poor UIs, etc. just like any other app written in any other language. In fact, there are tons of apps in the AppStore that were written in the "blessed languages" that are crappy. If Apple wanted to make sure things conformed to a stricter UI guideline and such, then they could start by actually, you know, putting stricter UI requirements in place and rejecting the ones that don't measure up *regardless* of language it was written in. However, this is clearly not the purpose of the disclosed requirements.

There has been nothing that Apple or any Apple fan defending Apple has said that holds up to logic. The *only* goals of this are: to make cross-platform development as difficult as possible (thus making developers who originally saved time/money by using cross-development tools have to make a choice of whether to support the iPhone or support another mobile platform... and having two code bases is more than 2x the work and cost so it may be too expensive for some developers to do... thus making them choose which to do), and to hurt Adobe (because Jobs is throwing another temper tantrum), Google (because Droid is dangerous to Apple), and Microsoft (who might someday have a product worthy of competition in that market). This is anticompetitive behavior in its purist form.

Comment Re:EVE Online. (Score 1) 308

Except that you can be useful from day 1. All you need is a frigate and a warp disruptor or warp scrambler to be useful in a fleet fight and you can do that from just about character creation time. EQ/WOW (traditional MMOs) have trained its players into the mindset that you aren't useful until you're maximum level the game allows (raids, etc.). EVE isn't like other MMOs and it's difficult for some players to adjust.

Comment Re:While there may be "newer" languages (Score 1) 794

This is what I was thinking... the fact that the OP suggests Python over Fortran shows that he/she has no clue as to why Fortran is still used in preference over numerous other languages. When you have simulations that have runtimes on the order of *weeks* when written in Fortran... how long do you think they'd take when written in Python? Months? It's all about time to results. And why Fortran is better than machine/assembler is that it's portable and higher level and easier to debug.

Comment Re:I've been reading the forums.. the alliance"sta (Score 4, Insightful) 352

The euthenasia of this massive organization will breathe new life into the game, but it may also drive a large number of these people who were screwed out of the game, making a huge dent in the userbase.

You get a gold star! ;) Seriously... you 'get' it. Yes... BoB controlled a very large, very rich, area of the game universe. This activity has made a huge 'hole' in space... the richest part of space. Before, all of claimable space had been claimed and had become fairly stable. This 'hole' has opened up a very rich region for land grabbing and the like... and with that, there will be squabbles, fights, and all sorts of new fun!

There will probably be a few who quit over this, true, but I doubt many will... life in EVE is like that... BoB has a bunch of very dedicated and extremely skilled players in it... I'm betting they will regroup and try to take back their space... which will stir up all kinds of drama in itself.

EVE lives for drama. The game *IS* made by the players. 99% of the game content is made by the players... who is fighting who? what regions are 'hot'? who just screwed over someone else? The leader of BoB said, and it was true, that BoB has been providing the game with content since they formed and first took space. Missions and all the PVE stuff is just the ISK printing press to fund the "real" part of the game by supplying money to players to buy stuff. The production (crafting) part of EVE is massive and an integral part of the game. If you're flying a ship, it was made by a player (and you're always flying a ship). If you fit tech2 equipment onto your ship, it was made by a player. And yeah, you have to have miners to get minerals, people to tend moon stations to harvest 'rare' minerals, and someone to take all those things and manufacture stuff.

There's really no other game with the complexity and depth of EVE.

Comment Re:One reason... (Score 1) 352

The logistics of running a 00 corp/alliance have no comparison to other MMOs. As you said... simply slapping up a homepage and running a raid a night is trivial. Try keeping POSs fueled, minerals/materials moving around to where they need to go to build stuff, defense of your territory, any offensive maneuvers you happen to be involved in, etc... Alliances in EVE (the big ones) are many thousands of players, too... imagine a WoW guild of 3000+ people... heh... are there even that many people on a single WoW server?

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 1061

Meh... we didn't need that city anyway ;)

The whole bit about climate change is that it's changing in ways that make humans unhappy. I believe life will go on (for something). In the worst case, humans will have just eliminated themselves. The planet will likely correct itself eventually. I don't think we're anywhere near what happened on Venus, we'd all be dead before things get to that level, I believe, and the processes heating us up will stop and eventually be corrected. In a few million years, maybe there will be another intelligent species here. Let's start preserving stuff in amber for them :)

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