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Comment ok confused can someone explain. (Score 1) 200

I was under the impression that Uber drivers drove 'when they wanted too' and they were independent contractors?
Has that changed since the beginning of the company?

So what is the point of a union?
What good does striking do to the business model of a company that assumes that on any given day everybody or nobody may decide to work?

Comment Re:"Freedom" (Score 1) 305

The logical response of facebook should be to shutter all of it's german IP's with a sign that says, we are banned from doing business in Germany because we promote freedom of speech and leave it that way until things change.

That way the Germans can create their own censored Facebook knockoff and the German people suffer from isolation from the rest of the social network.
  Part of the point of freedom of speech is free flow of information.

Comment Re:Why I can't take the "experts" seriously (Score 1) 274

The american psychological establishment is a highly biased and liberal leaning institution and very little of what the recommend has anything to do with what engineers refer to as 'hard science'. If you take pschy courses, which are really interesting I'd recommend at least a couple. You will find.
1) that psychology considers itself a 'social science' not unlike say history, or anthropology.
2) they do not hold themselves to the same kind of evidence based standard as what they term a 'hard science'.

(I've confirmed both of the above statements with Professor's of psychology who teach licensed professionals.

Comment In house work groups. (Score 1) 196

I think the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do has 2 parts.
1) scheduled in house work groups where select leaders show off and teach skills to employees who might be able to use them in their job.
the working group should focus on nuts and bolts type of stuff that can help people get the job done , more work in less time.
2) allocate a specific number of clock hours/ project time to training weekly to ensure people learn or practice the skills taught in the working group.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 0, Offtopic) 274

no the main problem with Clinton is that she believed in supreme court justices who like to engage in 'creative interpretation' of the law and who would rather 'read a modern meaning' into the laws and constitution rather then actually interpret them to mean what they were intended to mean by the people who wrote them or would have been reasonably understood to mean at the time of the writing.

So, instead of allowing and expecting the actual legislative process to change laws that need changing , they simply 'read what society means today' becoming petty dictators who usurp the authority of the legislative branch.

Other problems I had with her include her normalization of religious persecution for people who espouse ideas about morality she didn't like.
Especially since I'd be on the receiving end of such.

Basically I knew what Clinton would deliver and didn't want any of the package being sold.
I figured trump would be a terrible president but if he might feel like 'keeping face' by actually doing many of the things he had promised to do.
Including securing our boarders, ( I'm very pro LEGAL immigration , but illegal immigration creates a sub class of persons who cannot seek help from the police when a crime is committed against then).
Clinton never even suggested trying to solve the problem.

The worse characteristics of trump is anti-environmental, conspiracy theory bent.

However, I'd rather the country be destroyed then allowed legalized abortion and gay marriage to continue unchecked.

Basically I'm a pro-technology, pro-small business, pro-states right, pro-immigration, pro-life, pro-environment so either way I have to pick which candidate will deliver the things I consider most important , but in general democrats are anti-small business, anti-state rights, and anti-life, so unless I figure there is good chance of someone starting a nuclear war the republican would get my voice.

I used to be a pro-life democrat until all such people who were sincerely so were basically driven from the party.

Comment Re:Solution Is Obvious (Score 1) 274

what other categories should they genetically test for?
Is there a test for likely depression?
Is there a test for 'needs strong stimulus motivation'? aka lazy.
how about a test for 'likely to deviate from sexual norm'?

What other physical characteristics should we allow to be used to make people unemployable? Skin and Hair color used to be favorites, other then being somewhat arbitrary what is wrong with that?

Comment hmm... (Score 1) 274

I don't see it yet, but doesn't this remind you of a 'business leader' an CEO who recently was elected?
I wonder how many other presidents of the United states might fit that category. Theodore Roosevelt might be a candidate.
I'm not trolling however, I actually voted for the man. I suspected at the time and still suspect both he is a sociopath or psychopath of some kind.
I considered him a horrible option for president. Simply the other choice was worse.

Hey , whatever happened to 'embracing diversity'? Aren't these folks born this way ;)
Ok I might be trolling a bit now, but I hope most people get a good laugh from it ;0 :)

Comment Re:Why so much hypocrisy from leftists? (Score 1) 305

not sure if i agree that tolerance can be justified to use hate speech?
Yes it can because there is no such thing as 'hate speech' unless you can give me some kind of well thought out definition for it that doesn't preventing people from saying what they believe is true ?

I've never seen one, they all basically amount to , I want to sensor opinions I don't believe are correct.

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