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Comment no. (Score 1) 114

We may 'suspect' life, but unless it is intelligent and we can decode some kind of signal enough to prove it, then we would need to send a robot there to confirm it.
Given that the nearest plant is something like 150,000 years away with our current technology

Any claim that we will prove the existence of alien life within the next 200 years is more then speculative, it would require much greater belief in that which is unproved then most religious people have.

Comment Re:No longer all the news that fits (Score 1) 408

I would acknoledge that of coarse there is and has always been bias, i don't think you can completely clear that as human beings.
However, the point is , there should be an expectation that newspapers at least try to be objective, in the same way there is an expectation that scientist at least try and be objective. There certainly used to be such and expectation, the reality is that isn't the case anymore.

My aunt had an interesting observation from when she was station in Germany some 30 year or so ago:
"The German people believe the German police officers would never lie, which works out pretty well because the German police officers also believe the same thing".

The problem is that the newspapers no longer 'belive' or even try to objective. If you had a paper with a conservative bias and liberal bias and both were trying to be objective, they would agree on many things , contributing to unity within the socity.

Nowadays people don't even try which is one of the reasons we are polarizing.

Comment Re:No longer all the news that fits (Score 1, Insightful) 408

yeah but that's not really the point. Who one I mean. It is the 'attitude' and the bias that it indicates.
When I watched news footage of the election I literally saw , horror on the faces of some reporters, other actually cried , it was obvious not only who they thought would win but that they assumed their audience was devastated and disappointed she didn't.

That is because they all( more then 80%) have the same political leanings, and any that don't are expected so shut up and pretend to agree. The same way of thinking and THAT makes them _unable_ to accurately tell what is and is not newsworthy to more then half the population of the united states.

The greater problem, is since the news outlets have undermined their social responsibility and credibility, people are looking elsewhere for news, and simply picking the bias that they like best.

Comment Re:Echo-chamber fake news (Score 2, Interesting) 408

and that is exactly the problem. The AP and every major United States news outlet is more then just 'selective' about what data they present.
They may 'pretend' what they are giving you is the news, but what they really give you is 'the news' they think 'should be' .
Here is a good example that was given to me by a ex-girlfriend who was a catholic and worked in a local news room.
Standing orders, if there was a story that came across the wire and it involved child molestation and a priest it would be presented if not a lead story that night. Anything else the involved molestation of a child, by a rabbi, a pastor, or a teacher was not newsworthy.

The girl quit when she was given footage taken at a peaceful prolife march and given the orders 'cut this footage to make these people look nuts'.

For another example, go back and watch the news footage of Clinton loosing. Note the emotional content of the 'news' being presented. It is obvious that every major news outlet , ( fox is only half a major outlet) is entirely staffed by people who considered it a 'tragedy' that Clinton didn't win.

Not that there are any 'unbiased' alternative outlets. Heck even Slashdot shows some bias it is hard to get away from, the problem is all of the American news outlets I'm aware of are much more interested in ratings and viewership then truth or objectivity. That is in many ways the fault of the consumers who have stopped demanding it and instead consume whatever is more 'pleasing' to them.

Comment about as good as google search. (Score 2) 52

I recently watched a video with closed captioning on.
'stan fortuna school of the eucharist'
lets just say google search doesn't think eucharist is a common term and has an especially hard time with it when it is a quickly spoken rap song with a Hispanic accent.

It was pretty funny what they translated it too.

It did leave me wondering if there should be a mechanism to tell them the words are wrong and really wrong.

Comment Re:I hate worker exploitation (Score 1) 131

I think there is a 'huge' difference between specifying specific tools 'dewalt' only and specify the 'quality of the materials' to be used.
In the case of this service the vehicle is not a tool it is part of the materials needed to accomplish the job.
Maybe uber should put an end to the argument and require all of it's drivers to also install lyft and to give proof of another job.
Do you suppose that would make the current people trying to claim they are employees happy?
Basically if you are using uber as your primary source of employment you area abusing the whole idea of the service which was suppose to be supplemental income from your car you already own.

Comment Before you take these... (Score 1) 102

First off. I am not a doctor but I'd like to relate my personal anecdotal experience.
I was told to go on nexum for life, but was uncomfortable with long term use of a product that didn't seem to be well tested long term.
SOO.... i looked into it. Something that , according to my doctor, and several other sources has been used in the past to help fix acid reflux
is the stimulate acid production so you food digest more quickly. One way to do this is to drink 2 tablesppons of apple cider with a cup of water before every meal.
I kept this up for something like 2 months. The acid reflux , which had been regular went away and has yet to return a year later. I think if it comes back I will try this way again first.

So, just my nickle. you can try it, your mileage might very, on the other hand , it's probably safest to run in past your doctor to make sure you understood all the inns and outs, assuming you trust their advice.

Comment Re:Show us the algorithm (Score 1) 194

that sounds correct. I remember a case where a Microsoft AI experimenter was made to scan the internet and use frequency and then later discussions with human beings to determine 'truthfulness'. It was shut down for the 'opinions' is stated expressing about race, women etc.
  That might have been because the users thought it was fun to mess with it.

Comment It's all about controlling ideas (Score 0) 194

Sooo.... why are they doing this? Oh yes, they didn't like the results of the election and feel like the 'fake new' contributed to it.
If people can't tell the national enquirer from the New York times, that is mostly the fault of the New York times.
If it isn't obvious why people are looking for new from someplace other then the mainstream media,go rewatch the election night footage from all of them.
See the 'objective' new anchors in tears or nearly in tears on every almost every channel because their candidate lost.

what they really mean is that they plan on giving a broader more solid voice the to the large media outlets that want to control information and spin to push their political agendas.

There used to be a saying: "just the facts mac"

but that doesn't sell anymore.

Comment Isn't this normal. (Score 1) 834

Having looked into traveling to and working in other countries , it seems like what the president is proposing is 'the norm' in almost all countries except the united states? Am I mistaken? Any idea what percentage of countries don't have a 'hire local first' policy ?

Comment How about erroring on the side of caution. (Score 1) 366

something i think those who are of the opinion that 'climate change' is not man made/ over blown etc. should consider is.
Given that the majority of the experts disagree with you AND that the consequences on being wrong on this one are somewhere between bad and catastrophic, what harm is there in finding better, more sustainable models of energy consumption.
I mean "sometime" fossil fuels will run out, why not break the dependency sooner?
The argument seems to be something about people using this issue as a way of gaining control and asserting power, if that is so , how about finding a better solution and running with it.

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