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Comment Define Humble? (Score 1) 339

what and how do you define humble in such a way it can be measured and then studied?
Humble is sometimes defined as the opposite of pride, but not all self value is pride so , again, define humble?
So far as I know humble is defined as such:

Humility is a christian value , but honestly I don't see it as something logically consistent with any kind of Atheistic Darwinian thought process.
How does the humble man fair when 'survival' of the fittest is the only real rule?

Comment Re:You can't force people... (Score 1) 239

I don't think it is just STEM. How do you define 'sexual harassment'? I think if you go by the Department of Labor definition.
It looks like about 1/4 of all 'reported' charges are for sexual harassment across the board, and those of coarse are more egregious then the basic 'attitude and atmosphere' so it seems unlikely that any women working in any field would not have seen at least some sexual harassment. Probably all have experienced sexism even if not direct harassment. Although, I suppose because women are a significant minority in the STEM industry they are more easily targeted.

American society has a terrible problem with respecting women in general, which is primarily due to our attitudes about sex and family.
It has gotten ever worse since the 'free love' generation. Women were empowered to work , but they were also expected to make themselves interchangeable with men on both an emotional and social level. That is a huge disservice to all women and all men.

Comment Re:My how have the tables turned (Score 1) 194

So, I'm reading up on my history. I apparently had some bad information fed to me in high school because I very clearly remember being taught that copyright law was almost non existent until an outcry after the death of Stephen foster. The who of which seems to have been a myth.

On the other hand what you are saying doesn't make all that much sense either , because without copyright law the 'public domain' simply does not exist, or if it does all works once first sale occur exist within in.

Comment A more instersting study. (Score 1) 194

What would be a more interesting study would be to find out how far the attitudes of the American people are from what the current law requires.
How may people are actually aware of what the law does and does not allow and when made aware of what it doesn't allow consider the law to be fair.
As a culture we really need to have a discussion about what is 'good' copyright law and what is not.
Perhaps the laws have outlived their usefulness in the digital age and need to be replaced by something more concrete that doesn't favor large corporations but still provides an income stream that encourages the creation and disseminations of art? I believe the library of congress has one copy of every book, why not some registry like that for all digital art and require all streams of that art to reference back to and give royalties to the artist who registered the art?
There could also be some kind of consistent algorithm developed to distributed those royalties. However there should be good consideration given to an easy way to allow people to create a register derivative works, for some 'reasonable' fee. Ideally the majority of Americans would get to define what 'reasonable' meant.

Comment Re:My how have the tables turned (Score 1) 194

hmm... stealing. Taking something that doesn't belong to you.
So, are they taking credit for your music or are they creating links to what you already put on line so that you still get credit?
What specifically are they taking that belongs to you?
Obviously they can't take what you haven't made available. The assumption that people 'should' do often times varies depending on country and culture.
'Copywrite' is a type of 'virtual' property the exits only because of certain western laws. It has a long and complicated history and I'd say that it is at more then debatable weather there is a philosophical / natural right to control what happens to the art you create once it has left your hand.
Copywrite exists as a kind of carve out by western government to promote the arts and industries by allowing them to control the sails of copies of their art as a way of generating income. Historically no such 'right' existed before the 19th century.
So, if someone is not in the united states and not subject to it's laws saying they are 'stealing' by not following laws that don't exist in their country is kind of like saying the Chinese government impinges on your freedom of speech by not allowing you to say what you want in their country. You would actually probably have a better claim, philosophically to the later, as there is a lot better argument to be made for the freedom of speech as a natural / moral right then there is for copyright.

Comment ok confused can someone explain. (Score 1) 200

I was under the impression that Uber drivers drove 'when they wanted too' and they were independent contractors?
Has that changed since the beginning of the company?

So what is the point of a union?
What good does striking do to the business model of a company that assumes that on any given day everybody or nobody may decide to work?

Comment Re:"Freedom" (Score 1) 305

The logical response of facebook should be to shutter all of it's german IP's with a sign that says, we are banned from doing business in Germany because we promote freedom of speech and leave it that way until things change.

That way the Germans can create their own censored Facebook knockoff and the German people suffer from isolation from the rest of the social network.
  Part of the point of freedom of speech is free flow of information.

Comment Re:Why I can't take the "experts" seriously (Score 1) 274

The american psychological establishment is a highly biased and liberal leaning institution and very little of what the recommend has anything to do with what engineers refer to as 'hard science'. If you take pschy courses, which are really interesting I'd recommend at least a couple. You will find.
1) that psychology considers itself a 'social science' not unlike say history, or anthropology.
2) they do not hold themselves to the same kind of evidence based standard as what they term a 'hard science'.

(I've confirmed both of the above statements with Professor's of psychology who teach licensed professionals.

Comment In house work groups. (Score 1) 197

I think the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do has 2 parts.
1) scheduled in house work groups where select leaders show off and teach skills to employees who might be able to use them in their job.
the working group should focus on nuts and bolts type of stuff that can help people get the job done , more work in less time.
2) allocate a specific number of clock hours/ project time to training weekly to ensure people learn or practice the skills taught in the working group.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 0, Offtopic) 274

no the main problem with Clinton is that she believed in supreme court justices who like to engage in 'creative interpretation' of the law and who would rather 'read a modern meaning' into the laws and constitution rather then actually interpret them to mean what they were intended to mean by the people who wrote them or would have been reasonably understood to mean at the time of the writing.

So, instead of allowing and expecting the actual legislative process to change laws that need changing , they simply 'read what society means today' becoming petty dictators who usurp the authority of the legislative branch.

Other problems I had with her include her normalization of religious persecution for people who espouse ideas about morality she didn't like.
Especially since I'd be on the receiving end of such.

Basically I knew what Clinton would deliver and didn't want any of the package being sold.
I figured trump would be a terrible president but if he might feel like 'keeping face' by actually doing many of the things he had promised to do.
Including securing our boarders, ( I'm very pro LEGAL immigration , but illegal immigration creates a sub class of persons who cannot seek help from the police when a crime is committed against then).
Clinton never even suggested trying to solve the problem.

The worse characteristics of trump is anti-environmental, conspiracy theory bent.

However, I'd rather the country be destroyed then allowed legalized abortion and gay marriage to continue unchecked.

Basically I'm a pro-technology, pro-small business, pro-states right, pro-immigration, pro-life, pro-environment so either way I have to pick which candidate will deliver the things I consider most important , but in general democrats are anti-small business, anti-state rights, and anti-life, so unless I figure there is good chance of someone starting a nuclear war the republican would get my voice.

I used to be a pro-life democrat until all such people who were sincerely so were basically driven from the party.

Comment Re:Solution Is Obvious (Score 1) 274

what other categories should they genetically test for?
Is there a test for likely depression?
Is there a test for 'needs strong stimulus motivation'? aka lazy.
how about a test for 'likely to deviate from sexual norm'?

What other physical characteristics should we allow to be used to make people unemployable? Skin and Hair color used to be favorites, other then being somewhat arbitrary what is wrong with that?

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