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Journal Journal: New Account, one +4 post, IP banned for 2 weeks

This is really amazing - I am still IP banned because of ONE SINGLE POST on my new account.

I'm curious to see if I'll ever be allowed to post from home again.

NOTE TO SELF - Be very careful posting logged in about sensitive topics like Visual Basic :(
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Journal Journal: Slashpanda = Swedish Guy = Kaiser Wilhelm II

In a stunning expose of brilliant (albeit blatently obvious) journalism, The_Fire_Horse reveals (by following friend-fans lists) the secret identities of several gay trolls each pretending to be independant.

Slashpanda (822178)
Fans = The Swedish Guy (822192), the_mad_poster (640772)

The Swedish Guy (822192)
Fans = Kaiser Wilhelm II (864606), Slashpanda (822178)

Kaiser Wilhelm II (864606)
Friends = The Swedish Guy (822192), the_mad_poster (640772)

Each of these lame troll accounts have only a few freinds/fans and are obvoiusly the same person.

I invite this FUCKHEAD (whoever she is, to stop teasing me - the wrath of the firehorse is nothing to be sneezed at!!!1!1@2!
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Journal Journal: IP banned for ONE PUBLIC POST??

I started this account 'firehorsey' because my primary account The_Fire_Horse only lets me post twice a day due to bad karma, yet I have things to say!

So, I am happily posting away in a non public SID - NOT ONCE ever getting modded down, and then for the first time I post a public comment I get karma 'terrible' and I am banned from posting from this IP address.

Something smells a bit fishy here - sure, I post 2 posts as The_Fire_Horse each day (the maximum allowed) and they are troll posts, but the fact that this account gets me ip banned indicates that simply by posting to certain SID's can get you IP banned - I cant think of any other explanation. Any thoughts?

My complete comment history is here and you'll notice that only public post is:
Wednesday March 16, @05:44PM 38 replies, score 5, Interesting

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