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Comment My ex the writer (Score 1) 391

My ex wrote a novel that was published by Viking a few years ago and got a fair amount of critical acclaim.

When she first started working on it, in '99, I gave her my old laptop with Debian and Gedit. She did 50 or so pages, and then decided to move to Word to print it out. All the line-breaks were messed up, and she never forgave me. I did eventually set her up with a nice netbook and Openoffice, but it was too late, and now we're divorced.

She went from Gedit, which she hated to Word, which she hated, to OpenOffice, which she admires for its ability to reproduce all the defects in Word. On a good day, it's a tool, and like any tool, if you use it regularly, at some point you're going to hurt yourself with it.

If anything is a distraction, it's not the editor, cursor, or background color, it's wifi. Get a laptop with a Broadcom chipset, and you'll be incredibly productive.

I still get half the royalties from the book, so buy it and help me pay for my child support.

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Soviet Video Games from the 70s

vigmeister writes: "Russian kids have uncovered and rebuilt some arcade games from the Soviet era. These games apparently offered free play when someone played well, but no list of hi-scores. Roughly 32 of them have been found and although they are based on other arcade games, I hope these games were unique enough to offer playability for the present day arcade game lovers. Wonder when they'll be available for download on the Wii though...:))"

Submission + - Sony to cut game workers in U.S.

poffenvis writes: On the heels of recording a $1.8-billion annual loss in its game division, Sony Corp. on Wednesday announced layoffs at its U.S. PlayStation operations. Sony Computer Entertainment America would not disclose the number of workers affected. Company executives speaking on condition of anonymity said that as many as 50 people, or 3% of the 1,600 employees in its Foster City, Calif., office, would lose their jobs.

For rest of the article? click the link LA times article
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Used Video Game Prices Through out the Year

JJ Hendricks writes: "UsedVideoGamePricing.com posted research from the last 18 months showing the price of 50 randomly selected games over the course of a year. The prices are the lowest in November and follow four very distinct trends through out the year. Decline from January to May. Steady from June to August. Decline again in September and October. And a sharp rise in November and December. The website gives analyzes why the prices rise and fall when they do, mostly attributing the price changes to Christmas and school."

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