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Journal Journal: Tony Snow

Liberals and left-wingers in the US of A hate Fox News, and I think I've figured out why.

Fox News is a 24-hour cable TV news channel. Their slogan is "Fair and Balanced" but liberals criticize them for having a right-wing spin.

Of the many commentators and talking heads on Fox News, one of the most conspicuous is Tony Snow. If you want a tough question asked of a liberal, Tony Snow is your man.

And there's the rub. You see, oftentimes things that are not so obvious have important effects. If you write "TONY SNOW" on a sheet of paper and hold it up in a mirror, and especially if the "N" in "SNOW" is, like the brains of many left-wing drugged-out hippies, partially deformed, you will see:


It may seem unlikely, but this creeps into the subconscious, and in light of what has happened in Iraq, it makes leftists really hate Fox News.

Don't you agree?

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Journal Journal: strange vocal similarity 1

One day I was wasting time watching television. I flipped between Comedy Central and CNN. That's when I noticed it. Mo Rocca and Candy Crowely sound exactly alike.

Here's how you can tell. The next time you see one of them talking on TV, close your eyes and imagine the other one.

It's freaky.

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