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Submission + - Move to Europe to avoid software patents?

An anonymous reader writes: I have a small business that sells PDA software. Recently, I received a letter from a competitor stating that they have obtained patents on the type of software I sell. After reviewing the patents, I see that they have patented procedures that I "invented" long before their patent application. I do have good documentation for my prior art but the cost to challenge their patent would be prohibitive.

By coincidence, I will be moving to Europe (Switzerland) in a few weeks. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to form a new corporation in Europe and move my web hosting to Europe. Could I avoid the software patent issue? Most of my customers are in the USA now and would continue to be in the USA after the move.

I realize that this is not the best place to ask for legal advice and I would consult a real lawyer or two before I did this but I do know that the Slashdot community would do a good job of exploring all aspects of this issue for my consideration.
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Submission + - Swedish Armed Forces Chooses Red Hat

FFFFHALTFFFF writes: Bussines Wire are reporting that Swedish Armed Forces made a decision to migrate its Windows NT servers replacing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. According the release the main reason to migrate is "... primarily based on its advanced security features, but additionally the strong support, ease of migration and compatibility with existing in-house software were important factors". The full press release can be read here.

Submission + - Trusted Email Connection Signing

JohnGrahamCumming writes: "SPF, Sender-ID and DomainKeys all require that email messages be received before their validity can be checked, but SMTP servers are overloaded with SPF-compliant and DomainKeys-signed spam. Trusted Email Connection Signing is an approach that allows an SMTP server to decide before any email is delivered whether a connection is trustworthy or not saving bandwidth and CPU on overloaded mail servers."

Submission + - Google Apps to become paid service

FredDC writes: Business Week reports Google Apps is becoming a paid service soon for companies who wish to use it for their domain. Disney and Pixar are reportedly thinking about switching to Google Apps innstead of using Microsoft Office. Could this be the end of a monopoly? Or the start of a new one?

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