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Comment 5 week study .. long enough you think?? (Score -1) 142

a very convenient and timely study ..

all based on external exposure and 5 weeks long .. when some of the historical and current nuclear contamination from Fukushima will last for billions of years in some cases ..

we are just now at the stage where the first round of birth defects .. mutations .. and cancer are starting to show up in Japan .. not to mention the heart disease caused by the ingestion of cesium 137 .. which is never mentioned in the mainstream media when talking about the effects of radiation exposure risk ..


and although you would not know it from mainstream media coverage .. the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is far from over and will probably get much worse .. most likely when not if .. the number 4 fuel pool collapses ..


and as an interesting counter balance .. this long term study 1950 - 2003 has also just been release .. claiming just the opposite of this study ..


Comment Re:what id like to see (Score -1, Troll) 372

the two biggest countries in category A .. already have nuclear weapons in abundance .. there is only two countries that has for sure used and continues to use nuclear weapons in the form of depleted uranium weapons .. and that is america and israel .. and in all cases they have been used against civilian population .. with the us having the largest stockpile and israel the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons .. and if you think you need to worry about other countries aspirations .. the greatest nuclear threat that the world has ever known .. will be the next american president .. an apocalyptic messianic gun-toting zionist psychopath by the name of shara palin .. Shara

Comment it has always been broken (Score 0) 773

in a real and true democracy there can be NO representation in lieu of the people

representational government has always been broken .. it is at best a limited dictatorship .. the Internet has just make it obvious to anyone that can and is whiling see it

when you allow for a 50% plus 1 so called democratic system .. what you in truth have is the best system ever designed to allow the elite .. a ruling class to dominate and control the masses

IE sounds good on paper even enticing .. but as the old saying goes does not work in practice .. and trust me if you will it was no accident .. the only place that it was to some extent workable was with in the city states .. because once you move to the level of the nation state .. individuals .. cities .. bio-regions ETC .. all have the probability and possibility for self interests .. and unless cooperation and empowerment are your guiding principles .. which are provably better for the vast majority of the individuals .. and not competition and control which can be extremely beneficial to some individuals .. the elite .. a ruling class .. it will inevitably end up in a state of conflict which at it's extreme ends in open warfare .. now there is an oxymoron

the true place of liberty and sovereignty are with the individual .. once these are deemed to be the prerogative of the state .. be it city or nation .. liberty and sovereignty do not exist for the individual anymore than they do under dictators and monarchs .. and it introduces and allows for the means of control and domination by an elite .. a ruling class .. all that 50% plus 1 democracy has done is replace overt dictators .. kings .. queens .. and there attending courts with so called representatives decision and LAW makers .. but in essence nothing has really changed .. you still have the elite .. a ruling class .. it just sounds different and looks different

it has allowed the extremes of opinions and self interests to disproportionately manifest and dominate .. and takes the focus off of the elite .. the ruling class .. all the while allowing for the control the nepotism ETC.

the basic needs of all people are essentially the same everywhere on earth .. the basic function of society is the same for all creatures that socialize .. MUTUAL protection and MUTUAL benefit .. if the principles of lowest COMMON denominator and scale effect are not foundational .. respected and understood the society will always FAIL .. it is why the ideals of private ownership and so called free-market economics as dominate principles are so unworkable .. and if they are enshrined in a system will guarantee a perpetual state of competition and the perpetuation of the elite .. a ruling class .. which is not to say or advocate for an absence of personal spaces and possessions .. they just have to limited and be clearly defined .. if the principles of empowerment and cooperation vs. competition and control do not come to dominate human interaction .. we as species will not survive on this planet for much longer

representational democracy and capitalism are the very things that have allowed the the ruling class to thrive in modern times .. they have foster the ideals of competitions .. individualism and competitiveness .. which while in and of themselves are not a bad thing or in anyway wrong .. they are just antisocial in nature .. yet they have been held up as the highest ideals of america and the representational so called democracy society

if any group of people trying to work together socially do not have the natural body politic majority of 67% .. IE 2 against one at the lowest level .. however if you really want to be cohesive and workable .. an 85% plus agreement about what they need and or want to do they will not survive as a society .. and or will be controllable by and elite .. the very situation we currently find the human race in ..

the ruling class's Old but relabeled .. New World Order ..

the real and true meaning of democracy is individuals being in control of their own lives .. through the Mutual protection and Mutual benefit of an empowering and cooperative society ..

please note:

i am not blaming them for having done it .. or advocating for their harm and or punishment .. it is simply the almost inevitable outcome of our past HIStory ..

however ..

it must also be pointed out that "they" the ruling class .. because of their self interest cannot be expected to do the right thing .. and for most of the rest of us on this planet like it or not .. at this point in HIStory it is the american .. european and israeli people who are in the position to .. and need to do what is required to make the necessary changes .. as it is your ruling class dominating and controlling the current situation for their own self interests .. if you will do what is required .. i am confident the rest of the world would fallow .. however if we as species are incapable of moving past our present situation .. we WILL not survive as a species for much long .. and will probably take the vast majority of the others planetary species with us .. if it is not already to late ..

Comment Re:For workers revolution! Smash imperialism! (Score 0) 423

of course the checks and balances thing does not work to well when government .. not to mention the media .. has been taken over by business ..

once corporations were granted the legal rights of persons and limited legal liability through political and legal maneuvering .. the pathway to a private planet for those who own the corporations was set .. it has just taken a hundred odd years for the implications to become apparent and full blown ..

aliens arriving on on earth today could come to no conclusion .. but that humans were an organism bred to service corporations ..

90 degree crossing intersection is and was a bad design right from the beginning .. it is a waste of time and human effort to try and fix something that was broken from the beginning ..

if the ants and bees were as poor at traffic control and design as we have been they would not be here .. and soon neither will the vast majority of humanity be here .. either through the results of our environmental miss treatment as you could not call it management .. or by the design of the corporate owners .. as there simple are not enough resources to sustain even the worlds current population at present levels of consumption .. i give us 50 years tops ..

you think the oil and terror wars are out of hand just wait until the water wars begin .. but oh wait .. those people trying to find enough fresh unpolluted water to drink will simply be labeled as terrorists ..

we must perpetuate the american dream .. read nightmare ..

Comment Re:Last time I checked (Score 0) 212

why would he possible want to do that ..

but yes WE .. meaning the vast majority of humanity must do as the amero-zionist corporate empire demands .. or risk a nuclear attack either by bombs or DU munitions .. or the amero-zionist's favorite WMD economic sanctions ..

while the number is debated even a former us general admits that over 1.5 million iraqis .. mostly children died as a result of us lead ecomonic sanctions against iraq ..

Comment Re:It's very simple (Score 0) 698

it is not simple at all ..

the chances of anyone being physically harmed by calling in a bomb threat to an airport is highly unlikely .. the only likely out come would be financial costs to the for-profit airlines .. and possible some minor inconveniences due to missed connections ETC.

i for one would not mind .. even if i was one of those inconvenienced ..

we could use a little more disruption in the mindless existence of the average american .. if it would get some of the sheepeople to stop and ask what freedoms do individuals really have in this modern state run world .. and what kind of society are we creating and supporting .. that lets a bunch of fat rich old people send other poor and often not to bright people .. off to fight and die in a WAR to defend THEIR freedom and decadent lifestyle .. and at the same time get fatter and richer doing so .. mean while causing real harm and serious inconvenience to a greater number of people .. that the entire population of the good old us of a ..

upwards of one million children starved to death under US sanctions against the people of iraq .. and it had zero effect on the iraqi government ..

economic sanctions ..the us's favorite weapon of mass destruction ..

for the most part given some time to think .. i don't think they would like the answers much though .. so best just keep them entertained ..out of sight out of mind ..

Comment Re:"Protected speech" (Score 0) 698

and why must there be limits .. because that is what you have been lead to believe will produce LAW and order ??

you are absolutely free to do all those things .. however .. there can and may be consequences ..

but please don't call it "free" speech .. and then maybe simple people will not be lead to misunderstand what "free" means ..

and you sound like a two year old ..

as that is the age when the average child starts struggle with the black and white world of either/or logic .. the it's OK for me but not you .. and why is the adults no mean no .. but when i say no it does not mean a thing ..

hence the terrible two's

and in my opinion .. the age few human beings ever really get past .. although they do chronologically age ..

Comment Re:"Protected speech" (Score 0) 698

amen brother !!!

it gives me a small ray of hope .. that some people are starting to see this so called freedom and democracy bullshit for what it is .. a large steaming pile of shit ..

especially the idea that 9 appointed individuals .. should get to be the final interpreters of the LAW of the land for 310 million people .. in a so called democracy ..

of course definitions are EVERYTHING .. and for me personal .. democracy means individuals being in control of their own lives .. no the church .. and not the state .. for the natural and true god given place of sovereignty and liberty is with the individual .. for when the church or the state is the sovereign .. individuals have neither freedom or liberty ..

god .. the sum total of ALL things that exist and do not exist .. and in whom ALL things are possible ..

sovereignty .. the right of self determination

liberty .. the right to exist and move unimpeded by others while not impinging on the liberty of others ..

i really do wish that more people .. think teabaggers .. would ask the question .. why is it that the knowledge of good and evil is said to be such a bad thing for mankind .. when you would think at first that it would be a good thing ..

of course if you go a little deeper .. you might realize that the only thing that you can do with two points of reference .. is to draw straight lines in space .. if you want plainer reference you need a third point(the trinity} .. and if you want heaven forbid relativity .. you require a forth point(the tetrahedron- the smallest packing of molecules in a solid substance, anything less is a liquid .. a gas .. or element in the general numeric and logical sense) ..

go figure .. no wonder either/or logic is so useless for understanding a multi-dimensional existence .. when the very least that will do is and/or logic ..

and it is the reason why individuals who have not gone deep enough will always argue that there has to be some limits .. otherwise we would have chaos ..

anarchy(read emma goldman for a wonderful introduction) is gods natural social order .. and it has nothing to do with inherent violence and disorder ..

all the KNOWLDGE of GOOD and EVIL leads to is a lot of moralizing .. mistakes and misunderstandings .. which in the end must lead to a lot of EVIL done in the name of GOOD..

but as the character paul is reported to have said in the bible ..

sin was in the world from the beginning .. but it was not counted as sin until the LAW came into being .. and then sin taking advantage of the LAW has become exceedingly sinful ..

the LAW .. along with the idea of a CHOSEN PEOPLE = an ancient hebrew conspiracy to control and rule the world ..

conspiracy .. a preconceived plan ..

Comment red herring (Score 0) 359

how about the FACT .. that no matter how many have been taught to use it .. or how hard you want to believe in it .. decimal math is a LIE .. it is one of if not the main reason why .. there are so many MIS-CON-ceptions in our current UNDERSTANDING about life and the universe .. and the reason for the required need of approximation when using it ..

what we call life and the universe are fractional .. fractal and absolute .. and it does not matter to how may digits you can calculate pi .. it is an exact absolute fractional relationship .. there is NO decimal equivalent .. and can be nothing but an approximation ..

as for the concept of rational and irrational numbers .. again a MIS-CON-ception .. it is not that you can not divide by zero .. it is just you do not understand the the meaning and significance of the answer .. and so most persist in calling them irrational .. interesting but expect-able that these were the terms used to describe these kinds of numbers .. rational and irrational ..but of course we were naive enough to to BASE our computing system on binary computation(great for drawing straight line but nothing else) .. so i guess it was to be expected .. until we look at both 10 base and 12 base number systems and their interrelationships .. we will persist in our MISS-understandings about life in the BIG picture ..

and just to add insult to the injury .. particle physics is also a LIE .. there is NO part of MATTER smaller that the hydrogen ATOM .. looking for them is just a colossal waste of time money and human effort .. as a consequence of our MIS-CON-ception and MISS-understanding ..

best stop there ..

as we would not want those who have partaken in the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL gaining access to everything .. but then again they might figure out why it was such a bad idea in the first place ..

hint ..

it has a EVERYTHING to do with strict binary computation .. can draw straight lines in space .. but USELESS for plainer reference or relativity ..

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