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Journal Journal: Dream

Last night I had a strange dream, probably under the influence of Term Unit X, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Dungeons and Dragons and some other unidentified stuff.

The setting was quite standard D&D fantasy, except for a few computer (referenced during the dream, but never actually seen)

There was a king, human but with a penguin-like shape, who had left his kingdom for some sort of spell or mystical journey, leaving only a fuzzy portal in the deepest chambers of his castle, shaped as the outline of his body. Some women of an Aes Sedai-like order were both ruling the land in the absence of the king and taking care of the portal, his only way to return; their work was opposed by some dissident factions, led by people with commericial unix-like names, who aimed at taking the throne, saying that the king was dead and that the spell, the portal etc. were lies told by the above women to keep their power.

Some day, a few loyal followers of the king were discussing about installing some *BSD on their computers (dual boot with the existing Linux), only to discover that even BSD (name of a man...) had some unclear relation with the dissident factions. After a while, the women above asked me to bring some sort of sci-fi weapon somewhere; I accepted, but then I met some loyal follower who told that I wasn't fit for the task, because of the above proposal... At this point I woke.

I wonder whether I'm going insane, or I'm just reading too much fiction before I sleep... anyway I felt I should warn the world of the dangers of reading Term Unit X in the late evening :)

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