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Journal Journal: Slashdot Comment Pet-Peeves

If I were dictator, I'd institute an automatic -1 Redundant and Annoying to any comments similar to these.

  • Rejected Submissions
    or "I submitted this story a week ago!"
    Yeah? Get over it. I don't know exactly how many submissions Slashdot receives on any given day, but I'm betting it's a lot. Yours was rejected and a similar one was accepted. Maybe the editor who saw yours wasn't interested but a different editor liked it when he saw the second one. Or maybe he wasn't interested in the topic at first but became interested later. Or maybe your write-up just sucked.
  • Moderation
    or "The moderation system is broken!"
    If you post something along these lines and get modded down, good, you deserve it, IMO. The moderations system works fine as far as I'm concerned. Trolls and crapflooders get modded down and interesting posts get modded up. Overall, I don't see a problem. Sure, it's abused occasionally, but for the most part it works. It's certainly not broken enough to warrant all the complaining that goes on about it.
  • Old Stories
    or "This is old news!"
    So maybe the editor who chose this old story hadn't seen it before. It happens. While some of us (myself included) like to think that we see the vast majority of the new content on the web as soon as it's available, that doesn't mean everybody else does too.
  • Content
    or "How is this news?"
    It's news because, for whatever reason, one of the editors found it interesting enough to post. No one ever said it would be all ground-breaking stories, all the time. For the most part, this site is made up of a collection of stories and news items that the editors are interested in. That includes old stories that they just found out about, lego junk, Microsoft bashing, and lots of other stuff that won't necessarily interest 100% of the readers here. Read what you're interested in, skip what you're not.
  • Trolls, crapflooders, page-wideners, etc
    Please, fucking grow up. Rob, et al, put a lot of work into running this site. I don't get it, why are you trying to fuck it up? I can't believe how disrespectful and immature that is. If you don't like Slashdot for whatever reason, please just leave. Stop causing trouble for people just for your own amusement.

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