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Comment Re:Easy Remedy for Those Looking to Avoid (Score 2, Insightful) 655

This is the REAL conflict in America.

It isn't Republicans versus Democrats. It's city versus countryside, and it's been going on since 1989. Most people in the country (and suburbs) want minimal taxation and government to "butt out" of their affairs. Meanwhile city folk what free handouts like subways, hospitals, new baseball stadiums - they want to be treated like children being cared for by daddy government.

Country - independent
City - dependent

That's what almost all politics in America boils down to.

Comment Re:Easy Remedy for Those Looking to Avoid (Score 1) 655

>>>>>PA national guard

>WTF, would someone please explain to an ignorant foreigner why a state has a national guard?

For the same reason why France, Germany, and Italy have national guards. I don't know if you've ever studied the American Civil War, but you'll probably note that the army is divided into State-based units, such as the Maryland 2nd regiment, or the Massachusetts 3rd, or the Georgian 5th.

The modern U.S. army has eliminated most of that to create a seamless whole, but the States still maintain their own private armies (national guard) and militias (their citizens).

Comment Re:Easy Remedy for Those Looking to Avoid (Score 1) 655

Okay here's the deal: has a place for people like me to sell online. New York claims that because some of those persons are from NY, that makes amazon have a presence in NY, even though those people are completely independent from amazon. Same applies to Ebay. Therefore NY wants amazon/ebay to add a 7% tax to all NY sales.

My argument is that I'm not amazon's employee - I'm independent and represent no one but myself. Furthermore I'm not a New York citizen, therefore NY has no authority over me. Furthermore: "it's taxation without representation" - I'm being taxed by a foreign body who does not represent me & for whom I never voted.

I am not going to collect and submit sales tax forms to NY on April 15, 2009. If they want to sue me, or issue a warrant for my arrest, go right ahead. I'll throw the papers in the trash and make sure never to visit NY State.

Comment Re:Some people STILL think they should use IE (Score 1) 271

>>>Maybe you should stop installing every single thing that comes up on your screen.

I rarely install anything, ever. This was simply the result of scripts automagically changing the homepage in IE to (or what4ever) and taking advantage of exploits to save themselves to the c: drive (spybots). When I switched to Firefox, all those problems stopped.

Comment Ooops (Score 3, Funny) 251

Dear Boss:

We had a tragic accident today. We were drilling for heat - well the good news is we found it. Lots of it. The bad news is that we destroyed a $50,000 drill bit and pipe.

Please don't fire me.

No pun intended.

Your faithful employee, and gracious servant, who hopes you will come to my home for Christmas dinner. Or any other dinner you desire...
John Doe

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