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Journal Journal: Zagg Zaggskins

Wow. I mean I thought the plastic sheets were a ripoff. My friend got a cover for their iPhone for $5 at a swap meet. They've got them for $20. We're talking almost watch markup here. Even if the quality is a lot better, that's not worth 300% more. Maybe if they have a 50% off sale then I would think of considering it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Janet Jackson's website

Cool, maye I juist need to browse around more, but it is pretty cool:

The Media

Journal Journal: Neutral TV Programming

I'm not normally a political person. But after watching enough of the Middle east War/One Sided beatdown (what was that quote, you can't havea rivalry if one side always wins... that applies here) going on right now... I mean, when you hear about the stats, 200+ people dead, thousands wounded, with a near complete arterial infrastructure destroyed on one side while we have like 10+ people dead, with some holes in buildings and roads... tt doesn't really sound like a fair fight. And no one seems to be quetioning that; they just start blaming the original kidnappings and the seemingly logical retaliation. It sounds so ludicrous; it's like chastising a kid with a black eye for kicking the bully in the shoe.

Sadly I only really noticed this when looking through the Daily Show archives (Acutally originally looking for clips of the hilarious John Hodgman) and seeing some of the current videos that were implicitly making fun of the situation.

This led to the casual surfing of YouTube; but instead of looking for the next stupid video (i.e. 720 dunk, zindane headbutt remixes), I found a lot of the videos made by people there in the middle east. While some of the personal videos taken by regular people does scare you on the empathy level: or

I mean, I would be scared out of my mind if bombs starting landing near me.

But basiically the news reports that are related to those stories were interesting. These other ones were taken from the Lebanese perspective. Just having that new side was really informative. One person linked to
LinkTV, an independent news station which is making daily news segments of news reports taken from various Middle Eastern countries (both pro arab and pro israeli). These give a nice balance to this situation. After watching a few of them, it's really apparent how unbalanced it is here in America.

Its sad; I used to think that I knew where the news stations stood. I at least knew that FOX News had the conservative bias (basically only can trust the sports and the weather reports); but it seems that CNN isn't really different either, Maybe it's a little more liberal/moderate, but you'll never hear a commentator knocking the president.

Oh well; I guess I could use some precious TIVO space and get BBCA's BBC World news.

The Internet

Journal Journal: I hate flickr

Flickr is the slowest damn site on earth. While I can understand and rationalize its behavior, every time I use it, within a few clicks, it gets stuck. I decided to finally make an account (after enough of my friends emailed me albums), but I can't. It keeps gettting stuck at the login screen. There's not even any pictures there damnit!


Journal Journal: It burns it burns!

Giada's cute, but the reaction to one of her recipies is pretty funny. This page's comments are supremely funny.

Link here.


Journal Journal: Snakes on a Plane

I've only now heard about the crazy upcoming movie featureing Samuel L Jackson called, 'Snakes on a Plane". It really is about it's titile. The whole premise is funny and I agree that it'll be one of the lamest but at the same time the funniest movie in a while. IMDB has a funny as hell thread here.

Check it out (you might need to register). Almost as long and crazy (but obviously not as hateful) as that whole Lee Hotti blog meme.


Journal Journal: Thunderbird logo

Why do I keep thinking that it's Mega Man's head? Doesn't anyone else see this? Oh well, I guess if mozilla folks make a little pink icon for their next product, I'll start seeing Rush...

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: online golf rpg

Just have to say that Shot Online is a great time suck ;). Been playing it for the better part of a couple weeks now. It's funny how there's a lot of real golfers mixed with RPG players. It's a little unrealistic (putting is like you're on a pane of glass, putting sidespin on a ball automatically makes it go farther) but it's a great game if you like 'golfpg's.

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Journal Journal: Diggin digg 1

You know I'm starting to like this more than slashdot (oh god, say it isn't so!)
+ A little more turnover in stories.
+ Good stories still float to the top.
+ No flame retarded flamers.
+ built in SPELL CHECK comments.

- force of habit must be changed from /. to dig.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Wow, a completely tasteless blog

Was slightly more disturbing when she was still alive. Now, it's just an old and tasteless joke blog.
      It is funny, however, to look at hte posts and to see the polarization of the posts.

{some mofo} Terri, blah blah, {insert bad joke}
{mofo2} Sweet dude.
{anonymous} All you people are going to f#$%in hell.

User Journal

Journal Journal: maps 1

Online maps:

Funny how just 2 years ago, it was just mapquest and yahoo was a crappy contender. Now Mapquest sucks (slow, no larger maps ability, no satellite overlay anymore), yahoo is fast and simple, map24 is a neat one to play with, and google's just plain rocks.

User Journal

Journal Journal: weird

funny how
this was modded as funny.
I'm still mad at the computer. hopefully I'll fix it during the holidays.

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Journal Journal: googlewhacking

Hmm, I've found the following:

flagellum truants
veranda alimonies
diminutively bayou
vanner bolshevik

The earlier ones (on the bottom) are pretty lame, but I kinda like flagellum truants. I reminds me of some Far Side cartoon where there was a teacher amoeba lecturing some student amobeas. Hmm, I should really look up that sometime in the far side collection books I have. ...This word came to me while googlewhatnot-ing:

I found no hits for it, but I swear I've heard it somewhere. Grr. I hope I'm not completely misspelling it though.

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