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Journal Journal: back in school

Ok so i'm back in school.. it's week two, and i'm already so incredibly busy. Usually it takes me till week 5 to get really busy, so this doesn't bode well for the rest of the quarter. My roomate and his freeloading girlfriend are annoying as usual and she continues to live here without paying for anything... including rent and food. Which i am personally offended by. I started this crypto course this quarter in which the professor told me "you seem to know a lot more than i do, you could prolly teach this course!" Which i really don't think is true... i know a fair amount about cryptography, but a lot of the math is beyond my superficial understanding. Hopefully this class will give me some more insite into things like discrete logs and such.

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Journal Journal: journals? apparently not

Well i guess i didn't write in my journal for a month. I was hella busy, i had break so... heh. I was busy doing nothing! ha! At any rate, i hope everybody had a lovely christmas because i know i did. My parents gave me the set of LotR action figures which are all... *very* cool. Plus an iPod which I love, that thing is just SO COOL! Lately I've been trying to wade my way through Kahn's The Codebreakers, which is a massive book on cryptography over the last 3000 years. It's *really* good just extremely long... like 1000 pages. I checked out a copy from my school library and it's a first printing from like 1967, so the book has seen better days. I got a copy for christmas so hopefully when I read it again I won't have to worry about destroying the book everytime I open it. It's about that time in college career where I have to go and try to set up a job. I will be graduating in 6 months so if anybody needs a Linux guru in the bay area... let me know!
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Journal Journal: crazy females

So, as it turns out it's not everyday that you *know* everything about your friends. Especially when one of them turns out to not just be a lesbian and infact they are bi, and they have also been interested in you for the entire span of two years while you have been friends. Now, don't get me wrong it's fun and all just a little strange. I find it odd when my world perspective gets turned up side down like that.
Makes you think a lot about things. Speaking of thinking, yes i know.. watch out i'm thinking, I've had this concept floating around in my head for a while. If you could visualize the connections between people in the world how you would go about doing it ?
And my current theory is as follows. You take a line in 3 dimensional space in a system that scales the distance of a line to the duration of an individuals life. So you have this line, if we want to get specific it would be a 3d vector, in space that represents the lifetime of a person. Here is the part that i think is interesting.
When two people meet each other in life, whether it's passing by in a mall, or life long friends their vectors intersect for the duration they are in contact with each other. For simplicity's sake lets say that if the time is less than a year the lines do intersect. And they are at enough of an angle so that, like i said, their lines are together for the duration of time they are in contact with one another. I am having trouble figuring out what this would end up looking like visually in my head, and I'm almost tempted to use my newly aquired OpenGL knowledge to code a program to do it just so i can find out. At any rate that's my wacky idea.. i think it's fun.

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Journal Journal: schools out.. hurray!

Right so school is over now. *cheers* It's time to drink and do nothing for 6 weeks! Seriously though.. i've spent the last three days brushing up on my linux security stuff. I need to actually sit down and design my firewall+network correctly this time instead of "school is starting soon we need internet acces NOW." So hopefully i can brush up on my m4d sk1llZ. In other news the movie Amelie is a _very_ good french film by the usual badass french directory jean pierre jeunet ( city of lost children, alien ressurection, delicatessen ) and i highly reccomend it.
Right now i'm attempting to get familiar to run on my ipaq... but it seems in the pre release they changed the way that ppp and usbnet authenticate or ... something, cuz my old connect scripts don't work. If anybody out there happens to have a need for a linux geek in denver please let me know ;-) i'm unemployed and i need work.

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Journal Journal: journals

Well i thought i'd try out this journal thing because it seems mildly interesting. Whether I'll actually end up doing this more than once is a totally different story. So just incase those of you that aren't in college were wondering: yes, finals do suck. And they suck a lot. I have spent the last week with literally no sleep and my brain is fried. No matter that i have a chat server in java due tonight... as well as my java final which i must studay.. my brain is shutting off it's done for a while.

And my lack of sleep lately does not downplay my lack of sleep and general happiness this quarter.. my quarter has sucked a lot. Granted this is mostly my fault, i took 3 CS courses that were some of the hardest that my department has to offer. And so me being the intelligent human i am said "oh i can handle three at once, no problem" So... Java programming, intro to graphics, and Mutlitmedia Systems, plus one philosophy course. I did enjoy learning all the cool shit that I did like image compression, 2d and 3d graphics, an amazing french philosopher Auguste Comte. But i tended to focus on my graphics and multimedia because they were the most interesting. The result was me not doing too well in the other two classes. Oh well it should be interesting to see how I do... now to study because after tonight... i'm going to drink beer and play MGS2 for 4 weeks.

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