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Journal Journal: Hasta la vista new slashdot design, and hello RSS feed!

So yes, there we have it. An avid slashdot reader and fan since god knows when... At least since 2000 possibly?

The new design just isn't suited for a website such as slashdot. A technology website, with the majority of readers being geeks.
It's too much web2.0, gradients and rounded corners. More and more useless little AJAX-ish details seems to be added everytime I visit.

Slashdot is about news, in other words information. Readability. user-friendliness, and accesibility should be the only criterias.

The most annoying part about it, is that slashdot went ahead and made the redesign a contest. A contest like this is nothing more than getting free work done by others, and compared to hiring someone professionally, you get a load of suggestions to choose from.

Yes, it was a good thing that slashdot decided to update their code to comply with new standards(read: css and xhtml/html4).
But that doesn't mean it had to go for a horrible web2.0 design.

So for me (and many other oldtimers I can imagine!) I read slashdot with the (thankfully) available RSS-feed.

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