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Journal Journal: modifiers

I've discovered the user modifier modification settings page. This is coolio! I've changed my 'TROLL' modifier for +6 and lo and behold there are some really funny and interesting posts that I would otherwise never had read. Oh, sure you have the standard trolls, but some otherwise funny or interesting takes are quite often modded overall as troll. I think it provides an interesting take on the slashdot moderator demographic. FWIW, I have not had moderator points in long time, I believe that I am flagged.

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Journal Journal: Cats

His cat thought he was just a can opener operator!

I thought that was funny!

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Panties

My first journal entry was a play on words to the movie classic Blazing Sadles. I had just discovered the journalling capability and didn't know what to say.

Now here is my second entry, prompted by negativity. Apparently, as I understand it saskboy has declared me a foe, thus he/her/it shows up on my freaks list, you fr3ak. I have no idea who is this user or why I may have upset user to declare me as a foe. Perhaps, user was upset of one my sparse and very often quite short succint comments which I meant as sarcastic joke, because my panties may have gotten twisted?

Only in Soviet Russia, I guess?
(note to self: try to understand this latest running joke before being funny stupid)

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Journal Journal: Journal?

Journal? We don't need no stinkin journals

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