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Comment Re:Use Grails - Ignore your RoR zealots (Score 1) 287

Every time I hear that Rails isn't scalable, I laugh. I work on an RoR site that handles millions of page views a day. The scalability solutions for RoR are the same as any framework: caching, database clustering, app server clustering, and load balancing. With a team of smart developers and sys admins, you can make any site based on a solid framework scalable. Since the poster's shop has extensive PHP experience, picking a solid PHP framework is probably best for him, although he shouldn't discount the productivity gains he may experience with Rails or another Ruby framework (Sinatra, etc.).

Comment Re:I'm not too good for code reviews (Score 1) 495

I've had good luck with making it a mandatory part of the process. A developer fixes an issue, and before it can move into the "test" bucket, it has pass through the "code review" bucket. We do round-robin code reviews where a developer just grabs someone who's not too busy, and they take 10-15 minutes to do the review. No need for hour-long reviews since reviews tend to be done on smaller pieces of code. Different processes work for different groups. This is what worked for us.

Comment Re:this (Score 3, Insightful) 495

Finding a bug in your own code costs one of unit of work. QA finding a bug in your work costs 10 units of work. Having a customer find a bug in your code costs 100 units of work. Doing code reviews increases efficiency. Plus, you get to both teach and learn from your peers.

The Final Release of Apache HTTP Server 1.3 104

Kyle Hamilton writes "The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.42 of the Apache HTTP Server ('Apache'). This release is intended as the final release of version 1.3 of the Apache HTTP Server, which has reached end of life status There will be no more full releases of Apache HTTP Server 1.3. However, critical security updates may be made available."

Comment Re:N00b thing? (Score 1) 396

Not at first. When I signed up, the visual editor didn't exist. I uploaded my first site off a floppy. I wrote my HTML on a 286 using an old DOS-based text editor. Anyone ever use VDE? Anyway, the visual editor didn't appear until months later.

Comment Re:PDFs? (Score 1) 843

PDFs have their place...particularly distribution of complicated forms and contracts. Print a PDF of a contract, sign it with a real signature (e-sigs not accepted everywhere), re-scan and send. With today's multi-function scanners and printers, this is actually faster than faxing. Better yet, my insurance agent has a special stylus for electronically signing documents. The end result is a PDF that gets sent to the main office to be filed with all the other paperwork. Sometimes, a real sheet of paper is still a requirement.

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